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07/02/2016 getabmx - 2015

18/12/2015 So Big 3

22/11/2015 Summer at Home

16/11/2015 PA Woods Halloween ’15

30/08/2015 K Hole Jam 2015 - PRT2

23/08/2015 K Hole Jam 2015 - PRT1

02/08/2015 Leatherhead Session

27/07/2015 Brockham Trails Jam

16/06/2015 Three runs at Monkey Bumps

10/06/2015 Tables in Catalonia - Credits

16/05/2015 Tables in Catalonia PRT3

10/05/2015 Tables in Catalonia PRT2

02/05/2015 Tables in Catalonia PRT1

07/04/2015 Tables in Catalonia - Trailer

17/03/2015 Joan at Lloret

04/03/2015 Milan in Cali

19/02/2015 Post Office final sessions

24/09/2014 Wisley session

10/09/2014 150 seconds of French trails

26/08/2014 Brockham high jump

12/08/2014 Trails and Saucissons

29/04/2014 Ramp 1 Box session

26/08/2014 Test W.end

14/03/2014 February Sun

02/03/2014 Stronghold BMX Jam 2014

25/12/2013 So Big 2

10/12/2013 On the Road

02/12/2013 Chris Jenner - So Big 2 section

26/10/2013 So Big 2 (trailer)

03/10/2013 On the Road (trailer)

02/08/2013 getabmx team video 2013

06/07/2013 Jack Gear Invitational

14/07/2013 PORC Dirt Wars Round 3

21/06/2013 Rigid Life vol.1

17/06/2013 Holdshott ain’t ready

29/05/2013 Shade Life

05/05/2013 Trails Brothers

04/05/2013 Alone 2

20/03/2013 The Last Sessions

11/03/2013 Flow (online version)

01/03/2013 Stronghold BMX Jam

15/01/2013 Yardsale

23/10/2012 One Day at Ed’s

05/10/2012 So Big

13/09/2012 Dirt Wars Round 4, Corby

10/09/2012 Richard ’Tabletop’ Hemingray at Dirt Wars Round 4, Corby

29/08/2012 Onboard Skatepark Jam

18/07/2012 Unhappy Endings

18/07/2012 Andy’s Bag

21/06/2012 Alone

16/06/2012 Exeter’s Ride to Glory

14/06/2012 Black and White

04/05/2012 Ride to Glory Opening Night at Terminal 1

01/04/2012 Monkey Bumps 2012 Easter Jam

12/03/2012 Why do T.bog’s on a Sunday?

02/03/2012 Best of 2011 - In memory of Sidwell Cycles

20/12/2011 44 Seconds at The Works

10/10/2011 Two Weeks

23/09/2011 Mini Ramp Session

12/09/2011 London Way

06/09/2011 What the Trails

07/08/2011 JLC Trails

02/08/2011 Grey Goose


Lost Trails Session

On the first day of our trip, I filmed for half an hour during a very international session at Lost, which involved Lost and Lloret locals, German guys and us. This is how it should be: people from different places, of different genders and riding different sized wheels all having a good time at a beautiful set of trails.

This footage was meant to be part of a video featuring all the main trails spots in Catalonia, but I didn’t film for a couple days after then on the fourth day got taken out bad enough to have to stay inside for the rest of the trip; all because of a front wheel wash out on a berm.

Featuring: Jonathan Faulkner, Dave Camus, Richard Hemingway, Joan Balmana, Sergio Barroso, Andrew Bilsborrow, Joe Howard, Joey Goff, Chris Moonbay and a German dude.

Dave’s Gopro video of the (whole) holiday:

Thanks to David and the other Lost locals for always being so welcoming.

Music: Home by The Bonnevilles


Loosefest 16’

Loosefest 2016 at Bikepark Ferme, Belgium - as close to MX as you can get without an engine!

Featuring Antoine Boulard, Sam Reynolds, Tom Isted, Andreu Lacondeguy, Vinny T, Ethan Nell, Nico Vink, Conor Macfarlane and Kurt Sorge

Music: What you do for money honey by ACDC


Austin Cruisin’

Ten days cruising Austin, Texas, in February 2016 hitting up 9th St, 5 hip ditch, House skatepark and Eastside. Unfortunately there isn't footage of the lines at Eastside, just of the quarter and stills from the jumps, so I guess I'll have to go back (it rained on our last day when we were gonna film).

This was also the last footage shot of me on big wheels, riding for the first time after three months off with a knee injury so kept it steady. The intention was to save these clips and return, filming at Eastside, but since I now ride 20" it'll have to be a separate video when the time comes.

Thanks to all the locals for being sick and Lisa for filming.

Music by Thee Oh Sees