W hy did I do it to myself? Why did I skip out 2013? Choosing ten videos from one year is horrendous enough, but doing the same for a two-year period was a nightmare! It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So what’s special about these videos? Well they all have one thing in common, they made me want to grab my bike and pedal to the nearest trails or skatepark ASAP and go that bit higher and faster.

This list doesn’t even include the gnarliest things to have happened of late, such as Reservoir Dogs, that Dark Woods edit of Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade, Red Bull Dreamline 2013 (the course wasn’t quite as crazy in 2014), Rampage 2014 or even Dirt Dogs. At least they are referenced now though so I feel I’ve done my dues as a media guy.

Without further ado, here are ten (11) videos from 2013 and 2014 that got one guy particularly stoked. In order of release:

20 January 2015





Jared Carter

The trails are how you wish your trails looked, and the riding is how you wish you rode.

Tom Dugan - Bad Idea

This follows through with the same raw ingredients of speed, height and simplicity. Tom Dugan has a pure trails style, but he pissed the trails guys off a while back so he’s blasting quarters and drops instead. This video was one of his better ideas...

Murray Jam 2013

Jams are a funny one. All the riding is there and stoke is always high but it can be hard to make it not just look like every other jam video. There’s nothing original in this one in terms of filming or riding, but there’s a real fun and positive vibe which made it sneak into this list. The 2014 vid aint bad either.

Stowaway - A day at the trails

A trails riders dream day depicted in a five minute video: A big group of friends, barbecue, countryside, trains, big awesome looking trails and sessions into the sunset.


Had a bit of a debate at the trails about this edit. My mate argued that the style here is a little OTT and forced. Personally it blew me away, so much that I can forgive the soundtrack. Style and then some (sorry Bilsy).

Chaz Mailey at Unit 23

Every clip is a banger. Chaz has such a fluid riding style that even the technical tricks and lines look smooth and subtle. The filming flows perfectly with the riding and the creativity in this really makes it stand out.

FEST series - Hoffest

The FEST series was for sure the best thing to happen to MTB freestyle since Rampage. Andrea Lacendoguy is leading the field here with stylish flatspins and motocross inspired tricks. Here’s another from FEST series which nearly made it here.

Kevin Kalkoff - Welcome to Subrosa

I first heard of Kevin Kalkoff in an Albion interview. From the words and photos it was clear I’d be a big fan of his riding, so when this video came out a few months later I was excited to say the least, and this didn’t disappoint. Lots of flow and a style that reminds me of Rich Forne with a little extra tech. Here’s another sweet Kalkoff edit.

Fly Bikes - Coastin

A really clean video with an original concept and a bunch of legendary ramp riders. Most of them also feature in the Ruben’s Waves edit witch also deserves a mention.


This very nearly didn’t make the list because I think I’m immune to this edit now after watching it so many times. I remember the first time I watched this Catty Woods vid of Roey, Robbo and crew filmed by legendary videographer Rich Forne and thinking damn, this is powerful! For something a little different check out this Israel flick by Rich from a few years ago.

Kris Fox 2014

This video motivated me to go and ride one evening when I was totally exhausted and couldn’t think of anything worse to do at the time. The energy in this is contagious. Screw your tech tricks, just pedal hard and drop in. Kris Fox always delivers. Major injury, what injury?