Web videos live fast and die young. No matter how great they are another edit will snatch the spot light the next day. Cyber dust will form and that video, which got so many people stoked and took so many hours to make, will be forgotten about.

So getabmx compiled a top ten of 2012. This isn’t a showcase of the ’gnarliest riding of 2012’ (although some of it is), the videos featured here have that extra something that made it worth blowing the dust away for.

In no particular order:

25 December 2012




Rich Forne Dig Edit

Undoubtedly the most memorable street edit of the year. Huge wallrides and tables and not a single bar spin. Videographer Rich Forne doesn’t ride brakeless to look cool, but because he has no intention of ever slowing down.

Jeremy Ball The Hunt

Massive trails, a song which works and some of the best 360s. Oh and probably the biggest 360 gone wrong save you’ll see. Not just a trails boss either.

One Spring Day

Beautifully filmed and edited. There’s a real dreamy feel to this video which matches the style of riding perfectly. Big street hits and smooth trails flow; what more do you want to get excited about summer?

Fried Neckbones and Home Fries

Even pro BMX riders were posting this, which speaks a thousand words in itself. Andreau Lacondeguy is always pushing the boundaries and building bigger jumps. This is bicycle motocross.

Odsyvision - Travel Log: Idaho/ Montana

This was the first video showing more than the odd clip of Mike Aitken since his life changing accident while out filming for Anthem 2, and it was great to see he still had it. On-top of that it is nicely choreographed, features Tom Dugan and concrete parks surrounded by stunning scenery; ingredients for a killer edit.

GoPro Video Challenge - Team Douche

Everyone knows Martin Soderstrom has one of the best styles on the FMB circuit (and he was so close to winning the title this year), but I for one did not know he could transfer that style so easily to a downhill bike. Most stylish DH video of the year and you know they had a lot of fun filming this.

Tom Dugan - Full Throttle

One of the most talked about videos of the year. If you haven’t seen this you must have just woken up from a year long hibernation. And how often do you come across a high calibre edit with no soundtrack? A clean, simple and raw edit, just like Dugan’s riding.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

OK well I’m going to have contradict myself with what I wrote in the intro since this is here because I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. From an editing stand point it’s also a little different.

Kris Fox SE Bikes

This may have been posted close to a year ago but this stuck in my memory due to the all out style of riding shown in this video. The average speed in this is about 10,000 MPH. Kriss Fox doesn’t have time for slow nibbly riding and neither does getabmx. An ACDC soundtrack polishes off the years top ten edits.

What’s your favourite web edit of 2012?