Wellgo B25

Duration of test: April 2008 - February 2011 (first set) February 2011 - present (second set)

Cost: £40 RRP



 - Price

 - Durability

 - Grip

 - Shape


 - Not as thin as some

 - Screwdriver fitting on the removable pins

 - Would be nice to come with short and standard (long) pins


Wellgo isn't necessarily a brand you would associate with producing high quality pedals. However they are the largest pedal manufacturer in the world, producing low to high end pedals for numerous companies who simply stamp their name on and sell for a high price. In essence buying a Wellgo pedal is like cutting out the middle man, and they offer a large range of models.

The B25 features a large concave platform, sealed bearings, removable pins, cromoly axle and weigh just under 500 grams.

The large body provides great stability and the substantial pin length offers huge levels of grip, which can be reduced with a screwdriver and a file.

My first set of pedals experienced over two years of almost daily use during commutes in all weathers and skatepark and trails sessions, and they didn’t receive any maintenance. After this time only a tiny amount of play had developed in one of the pedals. They survived impacts which bent crank arms and broke frames; sufficient proof of their strength and durability. The first set was sold after I bought my current pair in a half price sale. They are approaching their first birthday with absolutely no play in the bearings despite being subject to wet weather and multiple flat landings and cases.

Any negative points? If I nit picked I would say that I don’t like that the pins require a screw driver rather than an allen key to remove, the weight is high compared to other offerings and they could be narrower.

If you are on a limited budget and require a reliable pedal with a large platform then you won’t be disappointed.

Review date: July 2011