Welcome to the Team, Rob Newman and Dave Hayward

Rob Newman, who rides for Flow Bikes, Nookie Bikes components and Society forks is a co-organiser and competitor in the Dirt Wars series, and renowned in the UK MTB trails scene. Newman has been riding trails for what seems like forever, has some of the best tables in the business and a big personality. Read his interview here.

More to come on the riders soon, including Firsts and welcome interviews.

Getabmx is pleased to welcome it’s first sponsored riders, Rob Newman and Dave Hayward, who will represent and promote the brand.

Dave Hayward takes care of BMX park duties. The ex Sidwell Cycles sponsored Prime skatepark local isn’t afraid to go big, whether it’s a gap or a trick. Dave is an all round nice guy and is particularly selfless. His skills and character make him a great addition to the team.