Watts Wins AT Showdown

ATs (Andrew Taylors) Showdown 2011 invite only dirt jumping event in San Francisco ended with Greg Watts on top of the podium and Andreu Lacondeguy winning Best Trick on the weekend of the 12th and 13th November. See bottom of article for top results list and video links.

Third place Andreu Lacondeguy commented after his heat with Greg 'Double or Nothing' Watts:

"So much fun best riding event of the year... No matter what you do he's (Greg Watts) is going to add a barspin to it"

This was the first time a head-to-head style format was used for a dirt jumping event and it made for some exciting viewing, especially as the first jump was a 40ft double after a large step-down. Two riders competed side by side, and the rider with the highest scoring run continued to the next stage.

While the format added another dimension to this kind of contest, it placed a huge emphasis on consistency and subjective voting. Martin Söderström felt the full brunt of this. He arguably pulled the most solid and stylish runs with innovative combos, but since his rival pulled a frontflip, he was knocked out of the competition and ceded in a disappointing fifth place. Favourite Anthony Messerre failed to make it to the finals due to a mistake in qualifying.

Competitors didn't hold back during the Best Trick contest. Messerre landed a frontflip no-hander, but it was a double backflip from Lacondeguy that earned him the big cheque. 

It was clear that the contest, despite the course not looking up to par with that of the previous year, was a huge success and the head-to-head format made it a true showdown. However the judging raises the question: should so much emphasis be placed on flips? Sure double backflips and frontflips are impressive, but at this level it's nothing new. Shouldn't innovative and combo tricks and stylish runs be scored higher? 

Head-to-Head Results:

1 - Greg Watts

2 - Ryan Howard

3 - Andreu Lacondeguy

4 - Linus Sjöholm

5 - Martin Söderström

6 - James Visser

Best Trick Results:

1 - Andreu Lacondeguy - Double backflip

2 - Anthony Messerre - Frontflip tuck-no hander

Worst Trick: Jamie Goldman