Tom..   ..........    Goldsmith

Who is Tom Goldsmith?

I am Tom Goldsmith. 

Ed note: Tom Goldsmith is renowned in Exeter as a top class BMX photographer. He has had photos used in adverts and published in magazines and has featured numerous times in Photo of the Moment here on getabmx. Click here for an interview from 2010 to find out more about him.

Years shooting:

Probably around five years or more now. It’s hard to keep track!

What got you into taking photos?

My father introduced me to photography at a relatively young age and since then my interest for photography has grown. However, I think my introduction to BMX really inspired me to start putting time and effort into taking photos.

First photography related memory:

Taking photos of my friends at my local skatepark and trails in Exminster.

Best photography experience:

A difficult question to answer, because I don't necessarily think it's possible to narrow down all the experiences I have had to one ‘best’ experience.

If anything I would just say that I am extremely grateful for the variety of experiences photography has given me. 

Worst photography experience:

Slightly easier than the last question to answer. This one is a close call between ether repeatedly missing a photo and making someone doing something again or seeing a light stand go over and a flash smash into smithereens.

Advice for taking a great photo:

A great photo is something that comprises of getting everything right at the same time. It's all about bringing the core aspects of a photo together in a way that works. Perhaps most importantly composition, subject timing and light.

Three favourite photographers:

Regarding BMX photographers, I really like the work of Daniel Benson, Walter Pieringer and Ricky Adam. Outside of BMX someones work who really inspires me is Joey Lawrence.

Photography highlight/achievement:

Either getting one of my photos printed in a magazine or someone being really happy with a picture I have taken of them. 

Why do you take photos?

I take photos because it's something I really enjoy. I love the whole process of creating something and then having an image to look back on. 

Top five photos:

With regards to the pictures I don't have time to write a story behind each at the moment, especially with equipment used seen as some of them are quite old. Again I struggled to narrow it down to five so thought I would send you a whole bunch, some favourites and some that are on my hard drive which haven't been previously used. 

Ed note: The following five photos have been selected from Tom’s selection. Some of the photos that were submitted didn’t make it here either because they can be seen elsewhere on the site (such as here, here and here) or because they can be viewed on his Flickr account (click here).

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