Toby Parker

Toby Parker is part of an increasingly rare breed of BMXers who can be bothered to pick up a spade. He is the brains and muscle behind Bogey trails, which looks a lot of fun. Unfortunately when I was in the area and a jam was planned the rain came down but anyhow, this guy is stylish as hell.

Who is Toby Parker?

A chilled out, quiet chap from Devon, who loves nothing more than building trails on wet Sunday afternoons, going as high and sideways as he can; and getting loose playing drums at rock shows.

How did you get into riding?

When I was a kid we used to go for family bike rides down the cycle track which went by the local BMX track. I always stopped to watch the dudes racing around, so one day my folks let me go in to push me around and that was it, I was hooked! I joined the BMX club and never looked back!

Best thing about BMX?

You can ride what ever, where ever, when ever and if you ain't got it, build it!

Worst thing about BMX? Rain on my Trails! It sucks.

Age: 25

Living in: Barnstaple Devon UK

Occupation: Carpet dude

Years riding: 18


Shout out to Beats Workin for helping me out!

Style or tricks? Style

Music: Pretty much all styles. Gotta love music.

Local riding spot: Bogey trails

Best riding spot: Fergs trails

Favourite rider(s): Mike Aitken Clint Reynolds, Kris Fox

Favourite quote/advice/motto: No dig No ride.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:

Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you!

2012 highlight(s):

Martyn Tamblings Birthday jam! Good Jumps, good friends, good food, good party and all round good day!


Ride (date)


Ride (spot)

The Nest

People you rode with:

Ferg, Hommell, Tim Joiner



Bike fail/break:

Broke a spoke waaaaaaaa!

New trick/line:

Can-can air. Did them a while ago so thought I'd get them back.

Thing that scared you:

Jumping around Biddy BMX track in mac 10 wind!

Funny moment:

Seeing Hommell jump into a pile of snow but it was a solid block of ice.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: (See left)

Plans/goals for 2013:

Just keep working on my trails get them as big as I can then go boost it up!

Any wild trips planned?

Simple Session in Estonia with the FTC crew! Its gonna be so wild. Hoping to get out to Kill The Line this year too.

Shout outs:

Shout out to any one that's helped out at the trails over the years and Holla at the FTC crew!

Photo: Michael FergusonMichael_Ferguson.html

Photo: Lee Parker

Photo: Spencer Stevens

New video coming soon

Photo: Ryan Hallett