20 February 2015

End of an era

Post Office no more

There had been speculation for a long time, eight years to be precise, about when the day would come.

It was 17 February 2015 when the bulldozer arrived at the Post Office jumps, in the small town of Aptos, California, to destroy over 15 years of MTB dirt jump history.

This wasn’t just a set of jumps; it was the most iconic spot of its kind in the world and a breeding ground for many of today’s top pros and tomorrows hopefuls.

Famous locals include Cam and Tyler McCaul, Greg Watts, Ryan Howard, Jamie Goldman, Alex Reveles and Jack Fogelquist, who have featured in countless video parts over the past decade and whose success and influence has shaped the sport. Many attribute their success to the strong scene in Aptos which has revolved around Post Office.

In the week before the trails got flattened to make way for a car park as part of a large-scale ’development’, a farewell jam was held on the 14 February and riders from all over the world gathered for the final sessions.

Bitter sweet was the vibe. Cam McCaul and Ryan Howard amongst other locals were thankful the trails had existed for so long since the land had been privately owned for close to a decade, but a profound sense of sadness was in the air only to be blown away by wild trains and killer runs.

That February Tuesday marked the end of a chapter in MTB history. The search for a new spot is underway so it won’t be long until a new page is turned.

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