Szymon............    Nieborak

Who is Szymon Nieborak?

Just a regular dude who realised that he couldn't express his love of MTB through riding bikes because of his total lack of talent, so he tried his hand at photography and found that he could portray his passion through photos.

Years shooting:

I started snapping photos around six years ago, but I’ve been treating it seriously for about four years now.

What got you into taking photos?

Nothing in particular really, I just felt like shooting photos, and then when I started taking photos and looking for my subject, mountain biking came along. So I can safely say that MTB’ing got me into photography!

First photography related memory:

''I need a better photo-gear.'' Hehe.

Best photography experience:

luckily there have been quite a few: Hanging out with the pros, amazing trips, awesome publications, meeting cool people... It all counts as one best experience for me.

Worst photography experience:

I am trying not to think about this kind of stuff. Sometimes it can be bad weather stopping me from shooting, other times it may be an unreliable person...

I haven't experienced any major problems with photography and I’d rather focus on the positive things highlighted in the previous question.

Advice for taking a great photo:

Make sure that your subject is sharp and compose the frame well, accordingly to the rules of photography...

Three favourite photographers:

Kuba Konwent, Mike Zinger, Mariusz Gadzieski; just to quickly name three out of many other great photographers.

Photography highlight/achievement:

Featuring on the cover and in the pages of Dirt mag, two covers for Spoke mag, many published photos for various bike companies, pretty good number of PODs on Pinkbike etc...

Why do you take photos?

Because i like it? No, this would be too simple. I take photos because I really like to freeze those unique moments to portray a riders skills and the amazing things they are capable of.


Top five photos:

Gee Atherton - Fort William

A photo from my first and so far my best trip to Fort William World Cup. I remember being sat still in that spot for nearly an hour. It was a blind spot for me, I only knew that riders were coming down thanks to the shouting crowd. Even today I can't believe how good this photo is. It helped me believe in myself as a photographer.

Sam Reynolds - Farnborough

My first photo I sold for an advert. I love how random it looks. I’ve always liked looking at those unique ads in magazines and I am happy I shot something like that as well. not to mention Sam's effort of jumping so high and nailing a stylish invert.

Blake Samson - Lymington

The essence of what and why i love dirt jumping so much: chilled out sessions, talented riders, stylish tricks, sun, woods, big jumps and dust.

Selljafoss waterfall - Iceland

Iceland is an outstanding place which is unique on so many levels; the people, food, culture, architecture and obviously the landscape. I don't shoot landscape too often, but Iceland was a big exception. This waterfall was stunning and literally was the biggest highlight of our Icelandic roadtrip.

Ricardo Lino - double peg grind

Recently I got into freestyle fixed gear riding, so it's new to me. Still, it's madness on two wheels, but thanks to a different way of riding fixed gear bikes and most of all an urban environment, it all gives me fresh opportunities for shooting.