Sven Hackett

Sven has a huge amount of style that stems from a background in trails and a dose of natural flair. Trails, park, street; he makes it all look so easy.

Who is Sven Hackett?

Just your average 22 year old BMX dirtbag.

How did you get into riding?

I first got into riding when I started in Year 7. One of my friends used to mountain bike and he persuaded me to go with him once and ever since then I’ve just ridden all the time and now I cant see life without my bike.

Best thing about BMX?

There are too many good things about BMX but if I have to choose one I’d say just getting wild with the homies.

Worst thing about BMX?

Injuries, especially ankle injuries.

Age: 22

Living in: Derby

Occupation: Labourer

Years riding: 10

Sponsors: Mode BMX, Snap Distribution, BSD.

Style or tricks? Stylish tricks...

Music: HipHop all the way.

Local riding spot:

Maple Trails, Flo Skatepark, Derby's lack of street spots.

Best riding spot: Unit 23, That place is so rad!

Favourite rider(s): Mike Aitken, Chase Hawk, Chris Doyle.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: HIT EM WID IT!

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:

I am actually related to Bob Marley, very distant but it’s still there.

2012 highlight(s):

Getting hooked up with BSD, turning 21, NEC Cycle Show comp, riding trails, filming and just general banter.


Ride (date) 09/01/2013

Ride (spot) Unit 23

People you rode with: All the Derby shredders!

Trick: 360 Table

Case: Unit 23, Hall 1 box.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Transgression's hip in the pool.

Slam: Alley-oop 270 down whip.


Bruised ribs and hip from Alley-oop 270 down whip.

Bike fail/break:

Nothing as the company I ride for know how to make bike parts.

New trick/line: Blasting every ramp at Ek Park.

Thing that scared you:

Training someone and realising I don't ride the same way haha.

Funny moment:

Scooter kid taking it straight to his face on a 720.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: See left.

Plans/goals for 2013:

Ride as much as possible, get the trails running sweet and get rad!

Any wild trips planned?

No-where as of yet, but travelling is definitely on the cards for this year.

Shout outs?

Shout out to all the Derby homies, Mode BMX, Snap Distribution, Grant Smith, my other half, parents and anyone else showing me love out there!

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Spencer Stevens

New video coming soon

Photo: Dave Camus