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Saturday Snaps
October is BMX flavoured with videos and photos from professionals and amateurs alike. Good shit.

If you’re a photographer/videographer and would like to be featured hit me up on the facebook page.http://facebook/getabmx../Saturday_Snaps.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
What’s Hot
There may have been some crazy videos dropping this month but Jeremy Balls The Hunt section takes the biscuit. If you only watch one video this month make it this: ../Whats_Hot/Whats_Hot.html
Quote of the week

This could be applied to anywhere. People often complain they don’t have any spots or wish they had a trails as good as x trails. Well, you reap what you sow:

“[The Aptos scene] is so strong because we’re all good friends that love to ride, and have places to do it. Everyone digs, so our spots grow fast, and everyone pushes each other.”

Jack Fogelquist../Jack_Fogelquist.html
Here’s your link to Aptos ripper and slopestyle rider Jack Fogelquist’s interview. He sure has some wild stories to tell.../Interviews.html
getabmx videos
So Big trailer, So Big, One Day at Ed’s. Yes, the trails theme continues.../getabmx_videos.html

Trees have shed their leaves and the clock has gone back but the trails are not wrapped up for the year just yet. After meaning to ride Ed’s trails throughout the year I finally went down and it was a lot of fun. The day was documented and made into the third getabmx video that was released this month.

As promised last month Jack Fogelquists interview is (finally) up. It’s a good one so be sure to give it a read.

See below for the usual quality updates from this month. I’m off to Scotland next week for a few days of indoor skatepark action so expect a wild edit to come out in the next few weeks. You heard it here first.