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Quote of the week

I asked Mike Montgomery whether he was up for doing an interview, and this is what he said:



Mike Montgomery

This weeks interviews takes you to the streets. Big wheel rider Connor Hoskings and grind boss James Curry give the lowdown on how the start of the year treated them. 

Mike Kirk

Tom Reynolds../../../../Firsts.html

Well first off the new T’s came. They’re proving a hit which isn’t surprising since they are pretty awesome! I swear I’m addicted to designing t.shirts... Other than that it’s been a pretty standard week update wise, just the usual interviews and videos.

Some big interviews are on there way, including the first Albion style interview which is taking place this week. Should be interesting to say the least!

Here’s what’s been going on over the past seven days:

What’s Hot
Jeremy Ball; that’s what I’m talking about! High speed boosting and regular and opposite three combos all day long.

Tom Dugan’s latest edit isn’t bad either.../../../../Whats_Hot/Whats_Hot.html
The new Boost t.shirts are in and they’re nearly sold out already! Only one of each size remaining so hit me up on Facebook if you want one before they’re gone. 

Oh and another batch is on their way, this time with the design in burgundy on a white T... Preview coming next week.

T.shirts are only £15 posted with stickers, or £10 if you’ve bought a getabmx T before or have done an interview.http://www.facebook.com/getabmx
Saturday Snaps
Staying in North America for another instalment, this weeks photographer is from BC, Canada. Michael was a great help with the Cam McCaul interview so it was great that he was stoked to share his favourite pics.

If you’re a photographer or know someone who is hit me up on the facebook page.http://facebook/getabmx../../../../Saturday_Snaps.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0