Steve has been progressing like wild fire. The last few months have seen huge twists, whips, big old skool no-handers, insane boosts and recently whip tyre grabs added to his trails repertoire. He has been attempting double whips and, during the photo shoot for the interview, he nailed his first three whip to pedals! Harsh bails don’t keep him on the ground for long. I caught up with Steve to find out what drives his burning enthusiasm to kill it on a bike:

Published: 20/08/2010

When and how did you get into riding?

I've been into riding since about the age of 5 but have tried many different styles along the way like MTB and Trials but my heart has always been with BMX now that's all I ride.

Are there any riders (pro or regular) who inspire you to go out and kill it?

Pro rider Nath Dunster a.k.a Busface has always inspired me and shredding with Dangerous Dave is so much fun.

You and (Chris) Simpson have been real trails legends this summer, keeping the place smooth and running good. So will we see you around this winter?

Yeah boi we'll be putting in the hours this winter cant wait to start on some new lines.

What are your favorite local spots?

K hole, JLC and Saltash skatepark.

I know you were digging your own trails. What’s the latest?

Not alot going down at Heartford unfortunately the permission fell through and people lost interest you know how it is with new trails.

Best place (trails or skatepark) you have ever ridden?

Such a tough call mate I have so many fav's but K hole is a special place, Mount Hawke is sick and Everything in Whistler is off the hook!

Style or tricks?

Making your tricks look stylish is where its at.

Mountain bikes for trails and park, what are your views?

Ive got no issues with Mountain bikers as long as they are good guys and doing it for the right reasons.

You’ve changed frames recently, what’s your current setup?

I'm currently riding the Amity Russo frame its the best frame I've ever bought, super light, i highly recommend it.

What parts do you break the most?

Ive gone through a few crank axles this year, also a few sets of forks and brake cables don't seem to last five minutes, guess i need to ride smoother haha.

Do you have any hobbies other than riding?


Reader questions:

This one is from Will Peters. What’s your favorite cheese?

Cant go wrong with a bit of wednesleydale with cranberries mmm

An odd one to end on! Well thanks a lot Steve. Any shout-outs before you go?

Thanks Milan see you at the trails, shout out to all the JLC crew

Welcome to the first getabmx interview! I haven’t seen you out lately, what’s going on in your world?

Riding lots and preparing myself for my next Whistler adventure in August.

You’ve been progressing like mad! Do you set yourself goals pre ride?

Yeah most days but sometimes i just like to get my flow on.

What trick have you struggled the most with?

Have struggled the most with turndowns, they just feel un-natural to me but think I'm finally getting there with them haha.

What are you dying to nail?

I'm really trying to get double whips and 3 whips cant wait to stomp those.

Steve Bowler