Sam Pilgrim

Ihate the term ’this guy needs no introduction’. It’s so cliché and such a cop out from writing a proper intro, which is why I swore to myself never to use it. But anyhow. Where were we? Oh yeah Sam Pilgrim. Even before that Take me out episode most riders knew who he was, and since then it’s safe to assume every MTB and BMX rider at least recognises the name, cause it seems the majority of people (me sometimes included) enjoys watching shit TV (plus he was quite funny on it). It’s been a while since I’ve found the time to publish one of these interviews, but since it’s raining here you go; just something to bear in mind if you’re reading this thinking “this is well out of date.” Well yeah, only by six months though...

All photos curtesy and copyright of Szymon Nieborak.

Who is Sam Pilgrim? I’m a professional mountain bike freestyler living in Colchester, Essex, and I love it!

How did you get into riding? I’ve had bikes since I was like four so yeah thats how!

Best thing about riding? Doing my own thing and that there are no real rules, I just ride how I want!

Worst thing about riding? Punctures

Age: 22

Living in: Essex

Occupation: MTB Freerider

Years riding: 10+

Sponsors: NSBikes, Monster, Teva, TSG, Ion, Halo and Marzocchi.

Style or tricks? Tricks

Music: Techno, House, Dance

Local riding spot: My jumps

Best riding spot: Woodward, California!

Favourite rider(s): Harry Main, Kyle Baldock and Travis Pastrana.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: yolo hahahahaa

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: If everyone in the world lived in Texas, the population density would be the same as NYC!

2012 highlight(s): First place at Vienna Air King, First ay FISE and also landing the world’s first MTB Flair drop-in from flat!

Firsts of 2013

Ride (date) 3rd of January

Ride (spot) Ramprage skatepark

People you rode with: The locals

Trick: Flair

Case: Never

Overshoot/flat-landing: Probably

Slam: Nah

Injury/wound: Nope

Bike fail/break: Needed a brake re-bleed.

New trick/line: I’ve built a new line but I haven’t ridden it yet.

Thing that scared you: Drifting my Rangey (Range Rover) towards a curb!

Funny moment: Drive by snow balling.

Best edit you’ve seen this year? (See left)

Plans/goals for 2013: Win stuff!

Any wild trips planned? California in February!

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