Ride to Glory Opening Night

At Terminal 1

Ride to Glory 2012 kicked off at Terminal 1 skatepark in Melton Mowbray on the 4th of May. Teams from Proper, S&M, Wethepeople, BSD and Stay Strong attended the opening of the Maoam sponsored nine day BMX competition, where six professional BMX teams battle it out by attempting to complete the most preset challenges during a tour of the UK. Attendees included street legend Mike Hoder and Stay Strong rider Brandon Kitson from the US, Kriss Kyle from Scotland, trails extraordinaire Matt Priest and Proper rider Janis Cunculis from Latvia.

At the start of the night Janis Cunculis was looking strong riding around the park at mac five. Then out of no-where, riding a line he had hit several times before, he suffered a horrific accident. A puncture wound to the thigh inflicted by his handlebar caused a suspected broken artery. Luckily Terminal 1 staff and paramedics were quick to the scene and prevented any serious loss of blood.

After Janis and the rest of the Proper team left Terminal 1 to go to the nearest hospital the remaining Ride to Glory teams were shuffled into the hut, given their list of challenges for the week and briefed on the nights proceedings. The format of the event changed from a comp to a jam.

Then out of no-where BSD rider Kriss Kyle showed up and brought the vibe back to the event.

Among the teams, Ollie Palmer, Jay Cowley and trails star Michael Ferguson made the drive from Devon and rode hard. Ollie Palmer was non stop during the whole night, pulling his large repertoire of tricks and boosting like mad. Ollie was airing the six foot quarter higher than everyone else. This kid never fails to impress.

After Kriss Kyle had warmed up he accepted the ten foot quarter-pipe air RTG challenge. After several attempts he sussed out his line, pedalled across the whole park and hit the nine foot quarter at full throttle. With an Invert he hit the ten foot mark before landing to flat.

On the day after the event Janis Cunculis had an operation. He is currently making a speedy recovery and will be back on his bike in less than two weeks.

See below for a video, and photos of Ollie Palmer, Steve Artus, Matt Priest, Brandon Kitson, Kriss Kyle, Michael Ferguson and others. All photos copyright @getabmx


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Brandon Kitson

Michael Ferguson

Kriss Kyle

Matt Priest

Ollie Palmer

Steve Artus


Left to right: Geoff Hibberd, Shane Steele and Steve Artus (Team Steve)