Rich is always keen to ride and check out new spots. Driving hundreds of miles and spending all his money for the privilege is no bother. He has a smooth consistent style and likes to keep his wheels moving. Rich may be a lightweight and be incapable of doing a 180’ but put him in a contest and if the vibes right, he might do a backflip. It’s refreshing to see someone ride for the right reasons; kids, it’s about having fun, not trying to be the next Mark Webb.

Who is Richard Hemingray? 

Yo! I’m 22 years young and this is my first Roadfools!

How did you get into riding? Earliest memory is building a small double at my local park with my mate from school and jumping that. I remember it was a good one foot tall with at least a two foot gap, but we were still pedalling across the whole park to clear it. A few riders started riding the double with us and eventually we started going all over the place to ride together.

Best thing about BMX(MTB)? Flowing trails and park, travelling all around the country and overseas to ride and meet other people who share the same passion!

Worst thing about BMX(MTB)? People who sit on jump boxes

Age: 22

Living in: Derby

Occupation: Customer Service Assistant at The Co-Operative Food.

Years riding: Jeeez. That’s a good one, I’d say I’ve been riding a good eight years.

Style or tricks? Tables, no handers and Tables.

Music: Everything, cliché answer but I don’t really have a genre.

Local riding spot: Flo Skatepark Nottingham

Best riding spot: Unit 23!

Favourite rider(s): Matt Priest/ Matt Roe/ Chaz Mailey. I’m sure there’s a lot more I could stick in this list but the names aren’t coming aha.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever... Or however it goes.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: (Ed answer: Good at singing/dancing)

Three tabletop tips: Three?! Erm I’ll give it a go:

1 – Hit the jump slightly facing the way you table, only five degrees or so (I face right and table right)

2 – Pinch your knees together

3 – Snap your arms whilst relaxing your legs to pull the table up

Bonus tip: Make sure you level your bike out in time for the landing, landing on your bike while it’s still flat isn’t fun.


2012 highlight(s): Scotland Trip in November. Dirt Wars. Getting to be good friends with everybody at Monkey Bumps Trails. Learning backflips and sending them to dirt.



Ride (date): NYD 1/1/13

Ride (spot): Hucknall Skatepark

People you rode with: Jesse Jones and George Dawson

Trick: No footer haha

Case: The box at this park was notoriously hard to clear, Hucknall again.

Overshoot/flat-landing: Unit 23, Hall 2, line 13, 3rd box. Ouch.

Slam: Feet coming off after a table, landed hanging in-between the back wheel and the seat


Injury/wound: Don’t have one for 2013 sooo the worst injury for 2012 was in May, I have no memory of it whatsoever, but I broke eight bones in my face and spent my share of time in hospital.


Bike fail/break: Only thing I broke this year was my brake cable, that I can think of anyway.

New trick/line: Toboggans. Loved all the new transfers at Unit23 too.

Thing that scared you: No handers over Unit 23 hall one box backwards

Funny moment: My mate Josh Goddard got his leg caught getting out of my car after a big session and ended up on his face, we laughed at him for ages.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (See left) I know it’s a 2012 edit, but I only saw it last week (:

Plans/goals for 2013: Ged rad. As many road trips as possible. Partyy!

Any wild trips planned? Hopefully going to France & Germany in the summer! Other than that Skateparks and Dirt Jump spots all over the UK.

Shout outs? Definitely like to thank Alex Harper over at Static Clothing for keeping me clothed. Also everybody I ride with has been awesome this year: Jesse Jones, George Dawson, Graham Taylor, Tom (Blackburn) Blackham, Andrew Bilsborough, Steeeve Artus, Milan Recknagel, Rob Welch. Just anybody that’s kept me entertained whilst I’m riding really!