Phil Aller

BMX is a tool to explore the world, chase the sun, have good times and meet new people. If you haven’t experienced the adventures, crap nights sleeps, hangover sessions and general madness of a BMX roadtrip then plan one. Now. Phil’s definitely one guy who’s not missing out.

Who is Phil Aller?
A lad from Guernsey with a passion for riding his bike and seeing the world.

How did you get into riding?
My dad got me a BMX from the dump when I was young, took me to the local skatepark and it started from there really.

Best thing about BMX?

The places you go and the people you meet through riding.

Worst thing about BMX?
Corporate companies jumping on board for the wrong reasons.

Age: 28

Living in: Wimborne Dorset


Rider, filmer, Profile Europe team manager and office furniture builder

Years riding: 17

Sponsors: Vans UK, Profile Racing, STLN

Style or tricks? Stylish tricks

Music: Heavy metal, punk, classic rock

Local riding spot: The Burrows Ramp

Best riding spot: The Burrows Ramp

Favourite riders:

Mark Love, Dennis Enarson and Van Homan

Favourite quote/advice/motto:

Live in the moment.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:
I’m constantly trying to live cheaper and better.

2012 highlights:
Building The Burrows.
Vans Rebel Jam
Vans South Coast Trip
Profile Alicante Trip
Yeah Roy Sweden Trip
STLN Warehouse project
Fishing, surfing, riding and hanging out.

Firsts of 2013

Ride (date)


Ride (spot)

Ditch in Agadir

People you rode with:

Bunch of lads








Ice pick on a wall straight into a pile of piss


Minor scrape

Bike fail/break:


New trick/line:

Refining old tricks.

Thing that scared you:

Sleeping in a tent alone in Morocco surrounded by wild dogs.

Funny moment:
Any time I'm with the Winborne Lads

Best edit you’ve seen this year (See left)
Unit 23 Nightmare before Christmas edit.

Plans/goals for 2013:

Ride lots and chase the sun.

Any wild trips planned?


Shout outs:
Shout outs to Jon Taylor, Anthony Revell, Sam and Steve Stobart and Matt Coplin for all the support...

All photos by Robin Pearson

Photo: Leon Stimpson