Marcel Hunt

Dirt Wars 2012 Pro category winner Marcel Hunt gives the lowdown of his first manoeuvres of the year. I can’t believe he’s only been riding for six years; his trick bag is immense and he has the style and consistency of a far more experienced rider. Doing gymnastics as a kid didn’t do any harm...

Who is Marcel Hunt? Just a dude that loves to ride MTB

How did you get into riding? I got into riding through motocross taking a bike to the races and riding with some friends in my area. 

Best thing about MTB? Meeting up with all your mates and having a rad session in the woods.

Worst thing about MTB? Injuries! they suck big time. 

Age: 22

Living in: Andover, Hampshire 

Occupation: Part Time Landscape Gardener

Years riding: 6

Sponsors: Dartmoor Bikes, Slam69, Dynamic Style, Kali Protectives and Manitou 

Style or tricks? Style all the way

Music: I like a bit of everything 

Local riding spot: 4A Trails and Holdshott 

Best riding spot: Hard to choose but its defiantly the local 

Favourite rider(s): Soderstrom, Semenuk and Ryan Howard 

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Just have fun 

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I did gymnastics from the age of 3-8 but the leotard got too much for me! 

2012 highlight(s): Winning my first pro comp at Wisley, having my Dad come to watch me for the first time at Corby Dirt Wars, winning the overall championships of Dirt Wars and Being in Dirt Magazine!


Ride (date) 10-01-2013

Ride (spot) Prevail Skate House 

People you rode with: Chris Noaks and Ryan Nangle

Trick: Barspin 

Case: New Transfer at 4A

Overshoot/flat-landing: Haven't Yet

Slam: Holdshott - 360 Table to mulch landing and over the bars 

Injury/wound: Sore knuckle 

Bike fail/break: Not yet thankfully 

New trick/line: New transfer line at 4a Tuck no hander into a Flip no hander. 

Thing that scared you: Doing a 360 Bar to Bar on the new bike 

Funny moment: Sessions with the Welshies, there are too many funny moments.


Best edit you’ve seen this year: See left

Plans/goals for 2013: Cali in just over 2 weeks, Compete in the Uk Comps and some International ones, Edits so keep an eye out for RN Media, Progress and just have fun!

Any wild trips planned? Cali in February going to be so wild!

What made you choose to ride MTB over BMX? A friend let me try out his mtb at his trails and i wanted one from then!

Shout outs etc: A Massive Thank You too all my sponsors, Ryan Nangle for just being a steeze machine, Pete from Dynamic Style, Graham from Slam69, Dec Lepage for all the great photos, Brooke my Girlfriend for putting up with me and My Family who has helped me along the way.

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Ryan Nangle

Photo: Sam Davies

Photo: Harry Steele