Words: JonJon Rogerson

Photos: JonJon Rogerson


Annesley, Nottinghamshire. Located just off J27 on the M1.

History of the trials:

There is quite a lot of unknown history. The trails were first built by one of our current spade warriors Joe and his mate Moult; legendary dirt riders in our area. Since then people have been digging here on and off. When we came along we fixed up what was there, added a down hill trail and an all new big set with gaps up to 12ft.

Describe your trails:

I would say whoever you are feel welcome. We have many regular faces down here, even on shitty Halfords bikes enjoying the small set. We currently have four lines from beginner table-tops, a Down Hill MTB track, a large six pack with a nice berm, to our all new ten pack. By the time you read this these will be ROASTING!

Main diggers/locals:

James, JonJon, Joe, Doyle, Dose, Big Ste, Throupy, Lewis, Jay, Pancho and Plowman.

Updates/changes for 2012:

We have a brand new ten pack and a Down hill track. We've Fixed up the older jumps and we might start working on something new later in the year.

I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only? Is there a local I can contact to ask to ride? And does it matter whether I ride a BMX or a MTB?

Anyone is welcome as long as they bring a spade or two to help build or maintain. Contact details and a map can be found here if you’re interested in finding out exactly where they are. We have quiet parking (if coming by car) just across the road off the roundabout.

Nearby spots:

Sherwood Pines, Caudwell woods (if anything is left) and a fair few local skate parks for those who are also interested in that stuff.

Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

Hopefully we’ll have a few Jams/BBQs in the summer, as well as the odd night session with the generator and lights.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Feel free to come down, Help out and have fun.

Junction 27