Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones is a bit of a local hero. He likes to ride big and has the most dumped threes I’ve seen in person. Don’t be fooled by the photos, Jesse can shred trails too and his riding never looks limited to any particular kind of spot or setup. Being a dad doesn’t appear to be slowing him down either.

Introducing the real Jesse Jones:

Who is Jesse Jones?

Just some guy who rides a bike and should probably get a haircut.

How did you get into riding?

I started riding a bit of XC with my dad and just gradually moved onto what I do now.

Best thing about MTB?

just chilling, having a laugh with the boys and the feeling you get when you pull something for the first time.

Worst thing about MTB?

People who take it too seriously, we’re here to have fun, not see who can do the most Barspins...

Age: 23

Living in: Ambergate, Derbyshire

Occupation: Fun office work!

Years riding: Around eight

Sponsors: Stanton Bikes/ UrbanAir

Style or tricks?

A mix of both. I could watch someone do big floaty three’s all day but when someone drops a banger it’s pretty sick!


Anything, seriously anything. The B*witched CD is in my car right now!

Local riding spot: Wirksworth and Bestwood

Best riding spot: Unit 23! No doubt, best place ever!

Favourite rider(s):

This is gonna sound really gay but just the guys I ride with all the time – Hemi (Richard Hemingray), moonpig (Liam Connolly) and co!

Favourite quote/advice/motto:

“Go for it!” and of course “Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeee”

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:

I have the best run ever, legs all over the place!

2012 highlight(s):

The arrival of my little girl, Big up Holly for pushing that head out!

Three tips for dumping threes:

Go fast, Drop your shoulder and let it roll.


Ride (date): 3rd Jan

Ride (spot): Flo

People you rode with: Hemi, Bucko and the usual lot

Trick: No Hander

Case: Cased a three over the mini spine both wheels

The big quarter at Flo

Slam: That spine three haha!

Hit my ribs pretty hard missing the bars

Bike fail/break: Snapped chain

New trick/line:

Wallride to 540 out on the little wall thing at Clifton

Thing that scared you:

Turning around to see Steve pedalling down the roll in at the Flo jam naked was pretty scary!

Funny moment:

Little Dan tried to chuck a bucket of mud on top of one of the landings and ended up just covering himself in it, that was pretty epic.

Best edit you’ve seen this year: (See left)

Matt is such a sick rider and so down to earth.

Plans/goals for 2013: Just keep having fun on my bike!

Any wild trips planned?

Not yet, hopefully have a trip up North at some point.

Shout outs:

Big thanks to Dan Stanton, Rich at UrbanAir. Holly for putting up with me and everyone who makes riding such a big part of my life

Photo: Nichol Scott

Photo: Jamie Sterland

Photo: getabmx

Photo: Jamie Sterland

Photo: Stanton Bikes