Janis Cunculis

Latvia isn’t a country you would usually associate with BMX, but that hasn’t stopped Janis from tearing up the streets and making a name for himself riding for a major company. That’s the great thing about BMX, you can do it anywhere.  

Who is Janis Cunculis?

A guy from Latvia who grew up in a small town called Jelgava, who’s passion for riding is bigger than a kids passion for candy.

How did you get into riding?

There was a race track near my home and every time I went by and saw someone riding a BMX I had goosebumps all over me, and I knew I couldn’t just stand there and watch them ride. So my dad got me a Dino BMX and it all started from there. Thanks Dad.

Best thing about BMX?

You can do whatever you fucking like.

Worst thing about BMX?

Don’t know really. Parts break too fast?!

Age: 22

Living in: Riga, Latvia


Building bikes, riding bikes, filming, having fun.

Years riding: It might be six or seven now.


Parbmx.com, Properbikeco, Nike, Mental and Ed Zunda hooks me up with some cool stuff now and then.

Style or tricks? Def. Style.


I listen to almost everything, from Led Zepellin to Juicy J.

Local riding spot:

Riga streets in Summer, MonsterPark indoor in Winter.

Best riding spot:

It’s all about the crew, friends and fun. It can be a curb.

Favourite rider(s):

Ed Zunda, Nathan W, Ty, Chase D.

Favourite quote/advice/motto:

Do not over chill. Stay focused and do some.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:

Crazy question haha.

2012 highlight(s):

All year was a highlight, can’t even name them all.

Firsts of 2013

Ride (date) 02.01.2013

Ride (spot)

Fucking Monster Park. We have loads of snow here.

People you rode with:

Ed Zunda and some local kids?! Can’t really remember.

Trick: Ice Ice baby

Case: Whoa?


I don’t overshoot but I love to land flat.

Slam: Just little ones.

Injury/wound: Nah mate, don’t want that shit.

Bike fail/break: Blew out my spokes

New trick/line: Yeah, everyday.

Thing that scared you:

That it might be too cold to ride.

Funny moment:

All day long, I haave great friends.

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

Don’t want to sound like a dick, but this one is a really big thing for me/us. I hope the kids like it as much as we do (see left).

Plans/goals for 2013:

Woow, do as much as possible, travel as much as possible, stay healthy, stay positive, ride all day.

Any wild trips planned?

Yeah, Barcelona on 11 Feb for two weeks with ParBMX crew. It will be sick.

Shout outs?

Stay positive. Have fun on your bike and I would love to say thanks to my family and friends. You all are the best.

Photo by Eduards Zunda

Photo by Duncan Smith

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