Jamie Skinner

What has been your worst injury?

Broken leg was out for the best part of a year. Snapped Tibia and Fibula few plates and screws.

Mountain bikes at skateparks, I’m sure you have an opinion…

Lost? Maybe get some signs up for the nearest mountains?

What has been your scariest riding moment?

Jumping all of jlc for the first time! trails scare me alot.

I heard you cracked your frame in four places! You haven’t had that one for long either… Got a list of parts you’ve broken this year?

Hah I had that frame for two months and was finally starting to like it, Boarding House sorted me out on warrenty with a federal notorious which seems pretty solid at the moment. List:

2 frames

3 sets of cranks

Back hub

2 chains


a few hundred spokes

And noticed a few cracks on my forks the other day so will have to add that to the list haha.

Jamie Skinner  is renowned in the local scene for tearing up the streets and park. He likes to throw down twists, bar spins and whips on pretty much any obstacle in sight. With a hunger for boosting huge airtime you think skinner would take to the trails like a match to fire… I’m sure the time will come, but for now here’s what the street boss had to say:

Published: 25/09/2010

Photos: Tom Goldsmith

Age: 22

Years riding: 8

Sponsors: Radio Bikes and The Boarding House

Day job: Builder

Trick: Bar spin

Oright how have you been? Eaten much today?

Yooo man sorry its taken me so long to get back to you on this one have been busy eating again hah. Silly question really you know I allways eat loads.

It seems like you’ve been riding for an eternity! When and how did you get into riding?

I think when i was about 14 I saw this kid on a haro shredder hopping up curbs, I thought it was amazing and wanted to try it. Didnt really work on the mountain bike I had so decided to get a bmx.

What motivates you to ride?

Just watching/ riding with any of the local bois is good. Edits on the internet or just finding new spots to ride.

What has been your best riding experience?

That has to be going up to Derby in Adrian’s camper for a weekend sleeping outside the (skate)park in a real sketchy industrial estate. Half way through the night someone was looking in the windows trying to get in that kinda scared us all a bit hah. Loads of riding and laughs. Would defo like to do it again.

Who is your favourite rider and why?

Matt Hoffman... nuff said.

What happened to the trails boss plan you had at the start of summer?

Just being lazy really, I do enjoy riding the trails but most of the time just end up getting stuck at flowerpots.

Best place you’ve ever ridden?

Any street spots in london.

What trick has taken the longest to learn?

Nose manuals has got to be the hardest by far can do them sometimes would love to get them dialled.

Best thing since sliced bread?


Thought you broke your G-Sport hub?

Yeah I did. Got a new one on warranty but broke the driver on friday, Luckily i had a spare one. Even after that its the only hubs i would run everything else is shit!!! Best thing since sliced bread!

Tell me something most people don’t know about you?

I only weigh 12 stone haha.

Got any new tricks up your sleeve or that you’re working on?

Really into roof gaps and drops, the bigger the better.

How do you think BMX will progress over the next 10 years?

It will disappear as scooters take over the world

Do you have any hobbies outside of riding?


Tricks or style?

Tricks with a bit of style is always good.

Street or park?


Cider or beer?


Bar spins or tailwhips?

Obviously barspins

Nice one. Got any shout outs before you go?

Big thanks to Gav and Tim from the Boarding house for all the help with my bike. Tom Goldsmith for all his rad pictures, every one i ride with, Project BMX and of course Milan.

Jamie Skinner



Half way through the night someone was looking in the windows trying to get in.”