Jake Kinney

You may have noticed a theme in this interview series - style. Tricks can be learnt, style can’t, or at least not on a fly out. Jake Kinney is no exception and he also has a vast trick bag to compliment it, which he has under control; it’s not about throwing every move you’ve got in every run kids. The first I saw of this guy was in this edit. I loved it. Working in Woodward and being a pro rider, Jake’s immersed in bikes all day long and I get the feeling he doesn’t have a single problem with that...

Who is Jake Kinney?

A man blessed by God to be able to make bike riding a career and loves having fun on a bike.

How did you get into riding?

I got into riding from racing motocross, then BMX and now MTB.

Best thing about MTB?

You can ride everything

Worst thing about MTB?

They are so addicting and everyone wants to ride your bike haha, I can’t find a worse thing.

Age: 25

Living in: Southern California

Occupation: Pro MTB rider/MTB Director of Woodward West

Years riding: 15

Sponsors: Deity Bikes, Index Ink clothing, Vans, Profile Racing USA, Hayes, ITS, Loaded Precision Products, Woodward West, Rock Shox

Style or tricks? STYLE and Stylish tricks

Music: Hardcore/indie/rap

Local riding spot: Woodward West

Best riding spot: Any fun dirt jumps, Nastys house

Favourite rider(s): Corey Bohen, Jackson Goldstone, Brandon Semenuk, Ben wallace

Favourite quote/advice/motto: "there is no fear in love" 1 john4:18

Interesting fact about yourself/the world:

I talk to much and ramble on.

2012 highlight(s):

Eighth at Sea Otter DJ contest, 8th Speed and Style, many PODS and VODS on pink bike, 11th at AT’s Showdown, making the finals of every event entered.


Ride (date)

January 1st on a snowboard, Jan 3rd on the bike

Ride (spot) Woodward West

People you rode with: Local buddies

Trick: Tuck no hander

Case: Hip

Overshoot/flat-landing: Step-up backwards

Slam: Oppo whip - fell of side of landing

Injury/wound: Jammed finger

Bike fail/break: None

New trick/line:

Rode a bunch of new spots (Lumber yard, Dennis Enersons house, many trails)

Thing that scared you:

Oppo three one hand seat grab over jumps

Funny moment:

Flipping over my bike trying a cave man drop-in.

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

My buddy seb and his freegun edit and Andreu Lacondeguy’s Dirt Love edit (left).

Plans/goals for 2013:

Stay healthy and progress MTB riding and have fun every where I go.

Any wild trips planned?

Hit new spots in america and possibly some European events.

Why 26' rather than 20' for park and trails?

26” has more flow

Shout outs?

Keep riding have fun and remember at the end of the day were all riding bikes. Shout out to all the companies I ride for and HUGE shout out to Eric and Sadie at Deity best bikes ever and Chad at Index ink. www.deitycomponents.com www.inktheword.com GOD BLESS

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Chris Olivier from PSBMX

Photo: Chris Olivier from PSBMX

Photo: Cory Tepper