Jacob............    Gibbins

Who is Jacob Gibbins?

Jacob Gibbins is a photographer and film maker based down in Devon, shooting mainly mountain biking but also all other forms of sport, and the odd wedding, landscape and portrait as well.

Years shooting:

Five in any kind of seriousness and three professionally.

What got you into taking photos?

Riding bikes and wanting to see how high/far/sideways me and my mates where getting.

First photography related memory:

Playing around with a camera on a family holiday when I was like eight (I think). But with bikes when I was 13 down the woods with my dads new digital camera which he didn't know I had borrowed... sorry dad!

Best photography experience:

Got to be either chilling out at Lake Garda before the Val Di Sole WC or watching Dannys winning run at the Champery worlds.

Worst photography experience:

Glen Coe BDS 2011. Anyone who was there will know why being on that hill all weekend with a camera sucked hard!

Advice for taking a great photo:

Take a lot of them to start with, share only the very best and seek criticism from those you admire, listen to what they say and go back and try again. Be different as well as good.

Three favourite photographers:

Tim Kemple, Erik Almas and Vincent Laforet.

Photography highlight/achievement:

Whenever someone pays me to do this is a highlight, but if I had to pick one maybe my first shot published in Dirt? I have no idea what that was now...

Why do you take photos?

I take photos now to earn a living, but also for fun; if I have a few days without paying work on, the camera still gets taken out as I just love taking photos.

Top five photos:

it’s impossible to pick just five, check out my website for more.

This is a shot taken from a tor ten minutes from my house. Devon at its best.

Two of my best mates, beers and a BBQ down on the beach at sunset in Cornwall during summer... says it all.

For me this is UK MTB racing in one photo: Sun, world class rider, crowds, and it’s just a nice photo.

Josh Bryceland on his local trails blowing turns up and covering me in roost, makes me want to ride.

Just a nice photo; sweet scrub, great lighting, colours, bit of roost from the lip etc.