Rob Newman

Rob Newman has been at the forefront of the UK trails scene for over a decade. He has some of the nicest tables and whips in the industry and enjoys a nice cider and banter.

For more on Rob check out this interview I did with him last Autumn. Firsts interview coming soon.

Hometown: Near Cullompton, Devon

Local spot: K-Hole trails

Favourite UK rider: Sam Reynolds (he's just too good!)

Ambition: To not be a school teacher for the rest of my life.

Sponsors: Flow Bikes, Nookie Bikes and getabmx.

First riding related memory:

I still remember the day I first went without stabilisers as a kid! The happiness from both me (and my folks) was immense.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Hitting the revamped big line at K-Hole has got to be up there; as is doing a Gravity Enduro race and riding some proper mountains on my suspension bike.

Last CD you bought/downloaded:

The would be a couple of singles I got on digital download, a couple of wicked bits of DnB & Electro. One was by Fredrich Robinson - Affirmation/Laughing at Clouds and the other was Dan Marshall & Jamo - Eden/Eraser. Both out on Different music (

Last trick you learnt:

Probably Crankflip to X-Up or Crankflip to Table.

Trick you’re learning/want to learn:

Opposite 360s

Last crash:

Down at Sandbay trying Oppo 360s!

5 best things about riding/bikes:

1. Being out in the lush countryside.

2. Air time and the feeling of weightlessness.

3. Hanging out with generally rad people.

4. Riding things exactly as you want to and having the ability to be unique in your way of riding.

5. Only having yourself to blame when things go wrong.

5 worst things about riding/bikes:

1. Missing out on things normal people do cause I'm always out riding.

2. Breaking bikes parts/body parts.

3. The long knackered/beaten up/achey drives back after comps or sessions at other spots.

4. Digging when the ground has too high a clay content!

5. Only having yourself to blame when things go wrong!

What annoys you?

When people turn up at the trails and don't even talk to us (the locals), that gets on my nerves but I purposefully talk to anyone who looks like that's what they'd do.

What makes you happy?

360s, they definitely make me happy. They've taken so long to get down and now I have got them more or less dialled all the pain and effort seems so worth it.

Biggest influence?

Generally within biking, I'd say the Athertons as they have done so well for themselves but are all such amazing riders with such great style. And Dirt Jump-wise I'd have to say Luke Smith (old skool DMR rider) as seeing him send heel clickers and no footed cans as a kid definitely made me want to do the same.

What motivate you to ride and progress?

I ride because I love riding. The feeling you get flying about on two wheels is unbeatable, I literally just love being out on a bike. Progression is different for me now as I just let it happen slowly, I don't really push myself hard like I used to, firstly because I'm never going to be top three at comps anymore and secondly because I have the day job with responsibilities; I have to do my best to keep injuries to a minimum. But at the minute my new riding buddy, Freddy Pulman, is making me do a bit of progressing!

Best thing you’ve ever seen done on a bike?

Coming second at NASS 2004 has got to be one of my best things. At the time I was super chuffed to get £50 for riding my bike on and off for an hour at a comp!

Best place you’ve ever been to?

Disneyland Paris, that place is just unreal!! Haha! I also quite liked the Alps the winter before last when I went to see my bother.

Favourite riding video (VHS/DVD)?

Life Cycles: an absolutely stunning piece of biking cinematography.

Favourite photographer/videographer?

Photographer is hard really because so many people get really good shots. My favourite recently who has taken some rad photos of me riding would be Jonathan Williams. He gets some amazing stills and is an all round great chap.

Who would you love to see interviewed by getabmx?

Glenn Coe (too many of the young riders these days probably don't even know who he is!) Rory Backshell (if he's still riding) Ricky Crompton, Luke Smith and Andreu Lacondeguy. Any of those would be superb!

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

If you are enjoying yourself then keep doing it. Do it as much as you can or as much as you want depending on how much time you can give to the bike, and just do your own thing and have fun; there are no rules so anything goes!

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Probably Ryan Villapoto at the moment cause I've got well into the Supercross this year, its wicked. Either that Jackson Strong (Metal Mulisha FMX rider) just to hopefully remember some of that crazy shit a day later when I returned to being me.

If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

Go to the nearest supermarket, get a load of quality booze, get my bikes and go ride somewhere. Hopefully if we all only had 24 hours I could convince a couple of people to come join me!

Who will win Dirt Wars 2012?

There are so many riders that could take the title if they manage to get through the season consistently taking top spots and without injury, but I got a feeling Marcel Hunt has been training hard so should be ready for a good year.

Why do you ride?

Because I love it, end of.

Final words?

Well, massive thanks to you for hooking me up with I'm looking forward to making it a good year for both of us. Big shout out to all the locals, they know who they are, thanks to my sponsors (Flow, Nookie, The Bike Shop in Tiverton.) And lastly respect to Mr Magreb Barbarian and make sure you all come along to some Dirt Wars comps this year!!

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Team page photo: Gareth Howell