Jamie Skinner

Jamie Skinner is always up for riding, always up for learning new tricks and never fails to impress. He is one of Exeter’s top street and park riders and is starting to gain recognition on a national level.

For more on Jamie check out this interview I did with him in 2010, and his Firsts interview from this year.

Hometown: Exeter

Local spot: Flowerpots

Favourite UK rider: Ben Lewis

Ambition: To ride some good street in another country.

Sponsors: The Boarding House, Radio Bikes/CSG and getabmx.

First riding related memory:

My first memory of riding is trying to jump my Mongoose Villain on a ramp made of bricks and wood outside my house over ten years ago.

After I mastered one brick, I stacked up another one and then gradually made it bigger each time.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Longer evenings, warm weather, BBQs and beers.

Last CD you bought/downloaded:

Ministry of Sound Hip Hop Anthems.

Last trick you learnt:

Opposite 360 hops.

Trick you're learning/want to learn:

Ice Hardway 180 and any grind to Hardway 180 barspin. They just seem so hard at the moment.

Last crash:

It was on a Boarding House trip to Mount Hawke in December. I Attempted to nose manual across the drive way, went to jump the bars but caught my legs on the bars. Missed the bank completely and landed flat on my shoulder. Couldn't ride for a good few weeks.

5 best things about riding/bikes:

1. Fun

2. Friends

3. Travelling to new places

4. Meeting new people

5. Good exercise, keeps my weight down haha.

5 worst things about riding/bikes:

1. Scooters

2. Not enough hours in the day

3. Rain

4. Wind

5. Pegless bikes???

What annoys you?

- Scooter kids

- People who run four pegs but can't opposite grind

- Shops with a poor selection of biscuits.

What makes you happy?

Riding some real good flat rails or ledges with the lads. fooooooood.

Biggest influence?

Any riders with four pegs and a lot of grind combos.

What motivates you to ride and progress?

Watching friends ride and learning new tricks is probably the biggest motivation to ride. Getting to watch Tim Ruck ride is always a treat as he still shreds any ramp he rides. I hope I'm still riding when I reach that age. Any new web edit that I'm into always makes me want to go out for a ride as well.

Best thing you've ever seen done on a bike?

Last year at Simpel Session a lot of crazy stunts went down, there were way too many to pick out one single stunt.

Best place you’ve ever been to?

A few of us went up to stay in Unit 23 for just over a week last year. So much fun on and off the bike. We rode pretty much every night until at least 5am, drinking beers and causing mischief. Look forward to going back there real soon.

Favourite riding video (VHS/DVD)?

Etnies Forward, Anthem 2.

Favourite photographer/videographer?

Daniel Benson/Will Evans.

Who would you love to see interviewed by getabmx?

Matt Hoffman???

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Just enjoy yourself. If you don't grind you don't shine.

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be and why?

I would be a really fat person so I could just do nothing all day apart from eat and sleep.

If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

Chill out with Abbie and a lot of food, then go for a ride with some friends.

Who will win Ride to Glory 2012?

If you mean the real one then I haven't a clue who’s in this years. If you mean the Exeter one then it's going to be team Holmsy for sure. He is pure fire.

Why do you ride?

For fun. It's become more of an addiction now, I don't think I could ever stop.

Final words?

Get a BMX!!

Photo: Jonathan Williams

Team page photo: Andrew Murtagh