Freddy Pulman

Freddy has had a hell of a ride these past couple of years. In 2012 he won the Open category of Dirt Wars, bagging bike sponsor Spank Bikes, and he recently wrapped up the Pro category of Dirt Wars 2013 in third place. His fearless approach and determination to push it daily are a killer combination and he will no doubt continue on his way to being amongst the UKs best. Watch out for this guy, he’s going to make it big.

Hometown: A village called Dalwood in the middle of nowhere

Local spot: K-hole

Favourite UK rider: Sam Reynolds

Ambition: Have an awesome time riding bikes for as long as I can!

Sponsors: Spank Bikes, Marzocchi UK and GetaBmx

First riding related memory:

I’m not great with memories but probably sending sketchy jumps in the local area on dodgy bikes haha.

What are you looking forward to most this (remaining) summer?

Riding trails and having BBQs with awesome mates!

Last CD you bought/downloaded:

Bastille's new album after seeing them at Leopallooza the other weekend!

If you had 24 hours left to live what would you do?

Make a party with Richter!

What annoys you?

People who can’t drive or drive at 20mph everywhere.

What makes you happy?

Bikes, good weather and friends.

Last trick you learnt:

Got to be a Tailwhip and that was ages ago (two months ago) haven’t learnt anything for a while now! (Double Truck before that)

Trick you’re learning/want to learn:

Tailwhip to Barspin. I’ve landed them into foam but I’m too much of a chicken to send it!

Story behind your last crash:

Doing a tabletop an a tiny jump and managed to go over the bars and onto my head!

Five best things about riding/bikes:

Meeting new people, It takes you random places, learning new things, keeps you active, you can do it almost anywhere.

Five worst things about riding/bikes:

Injuries, it can be expensive, weather dependent, bike parts break, the traveling time to get to comps and other trails!

Who is your biggest influence?

Probably Rob Newman as he was the first person that took me to the dirt competitions and got me into the scene!

Best thing you’ve ever seen done on a bike?

So many things I couldn’t pick one all you have to do is watch Simple Session videos or Crankworks, it’s all there.

Best place you’ve ever been to?

Barcelona at the start of the year for sure that place is like a massive skatepark.

Craziest/ most memorable riding experience?

Riding jumps in the snow earlier this year it was falling quicker than we could clear it off the jumps!

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Stick at it and don’t give up!

What made you decide to shred on a MTB rather than a BMX?

I had a BMX and then got 24 rigid but then got suspension as personally I prefer the little bit of squish on landings. but no real reason why I chose to. I wouldn’t turn back as i think the MTB community is soo much better than the BMX one.

When you started riding properly, did you think you’d get to the stage you’re at now, competing in events and being hooked up? Has that always been your goal?

Not really I never used to think about it I just went out and rode my bike!

You’re progressing at a mad rate. What motivate you to ride, progress and learn new stuff?

The videos you see of big FMB comps makes me want to learn new stuff but then when other people are sending it around you it rubs off.

You seem to ride with no fear. How do you overcome your nerves when trying something new? What goes through your head when dropping in for a massive jump e.g. Copse 36 footer or 360ing a big jump for the first time?

Just send it! I don’t know I don’t really think about it too much just what happens happens.

When have you been most scarred on a bike?

I don’t know really I can’t say i have ever been properly scared on a bike!

Dave (Inglis) said you were shitting it on the roll in at Copse before hitting the big line!!

Yeah but not like fully scared, just a bit of adrenaline.

What’s it like competing in events like Dirt Wars and the FMB event in Leopallooza? How does it compare to a normal session?

Everything is a lot more pushed and everyone is going for it sending their best tricks in a line instead of flowing through in a normal session.

I noticed you don’t really do flips unless you’re competing. Any reasons for this? Is it cause you don’t like doing them?

Mainly because I ride trails more than trick jumps and I would rather do 360 tricks than backflips over trails but on big trick jumps backflips are fun!

Are you hoping to compete in more FMB events in the future and start doing international competitions?

For sure would love to get into the international scene just being able to fund it!

Who do you think will win Dirt Wars 2013?

Hopefully Wig Lewington Booth as he is the only unsponsored rider in Dirt Wars at the moment and I don’t think anyone deserves it more.

Why do you ride?

Because it’s amazing!

Final words?

See you at the party Richter.