Injuries are part of BMX. In some ways, it’s what makes BMX too. That buzz after getting through a line that scared you, landing that trick or going that bit higher or more sideways and rolling out. The feeling is addictive and motivates us to dust ourselves off and try again after it goes a little pear shaped.

This series of short interviews looks at the hits, downtime and recovery process, both mental and physical, and how these experiences change us in someway when we get back on the bike.

Here are some riders’ experiences:

Injury talk

Published: 06/04/2017

01/04/2017 Jeremy BallInjury_talk_with_Jeremy_Ball.html
15/04/2017 Matt PriestInjury_talk_with_Matt_Priest.html
13/05/2017 Damo WilkinsonInjury_talk_with_Damo_Wilkinson.html