Good Friends Good Trips Good Times


Cost: $10 including worldwide postage (approximately £6)

Filmed in 2011


Plus Size BMX is a website about park, street, dirt and slopestyle riding on big wheels run by former BMX rider and downhill racer Chris Olivier. Chris has featured various getabmx productions on his site and has an eye for spotting the best edits on the net so I was excited to see his take on things through his first DVD: Good Friends Good Trips Good Times. 

This 60 minute flick, filmed mainly in America, takes you on a journey through some of the big slopestyle competitions, various trail spots and includes footage of PSBMX team riders, and of course ample banter behind the mic and the odd sketch.

Woodward West kicks things off with footage from the big step up and the freeride area. A 47 year old dude jumps the mega ramp before we see a BMX jam with the likes of Kris Fox getting rowdy. Woodward West MTB Director Jake Kinny takes us on a spin and gets lose in the park and trails before a comedy foam pit sketch lightens things up. Jake Kinny also features in some of the following sections, which is cool cause he shreds.

There is comp’ footage from Ranchstyle, Crankworx Colorado, TEVA and AT’s Showdown, and keeping with the good times theme, a large selection of comical interviews with the big guns of the slopestyle scene. The friends section opens with a head cam run of Matt Beringer’s infamous backyard and ends with a BMX kid named Matt Cordova who kills it.

PSBMX sponsor a large selection of riders from around the world, so it’s good to see footage from them too. Park and street widget Martin Knorr gets things going, but the highlights for me were DJ Brandt and Cody Gessel’s sections where both the riding and videography are on another level.

Don’t expect this DVD to be on par in production terms with your high profile MTB or BMX film. Some duff clips made it in, the rider isn’t always in frame and sound levels are sometimes off. Some real close fish eye and a heavy dose of panning shots (think Stew Johnson or Mike King) would have added a degree of quality, but then the theme is in the title: good times, and this certainly comes across.

For me the comical scenes got a bit much, especially the shouting in the opening of the Crankworx Colorado/ TEVA Mountain Games section. I appreciated the humorous approach and found some of the interviews funny, but these scenes should have been cut in half to show only the best bits.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but it is too long. Cutting the DVD down to 40 or 45 minutes would have ensured that only the best clips made the final cut. But considering that for only £6 you receive a film and a bunch of stickers you can’t go wrong with this. Worth a watch for sure. I’m already looking forward to the next PSBMX production.

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Review date: July 2012