Words: JonJon Rogerson

Photos: JonJon Rogerson


In the woods, off the A38.

History of your trials:

I came about the area when I was a kid. I didn’t see trails potential back then but I remembered it years later, so it must be a sign! The land actually backs on to my garden (well it did back then). Nowadays two factory's separate the trails from a back garden hedge hop. When looking for a trails spot it was the first place that came to mind knowing that the woods are pretty much unknown, as there is no walk through, footpaths or any other reason to be down there. It's perfect!

Describe your trails:

The main inspiration for Fulwood is Vinewood, Boyds place. Fast berms and rollers that build up to bigger things. With the space we have, we can't keep to a straight line. So snaking around is the only option, which makes it interesting. We have three lines: Main, Bushtucka and Snake Path.

Main diggers/locals:

The main diggers are JonJon, Jake and Scott, and our local diggers are Danny Afro and Rich Hemingray. They say 3’s a crowd but it works. we are open to people coming down and helping out if you want to visit for a session, but like I say 3’s a crowd, any more and it gets complicated. We have our local diggers to keep on top of things and we appreciate their help!

Updates/changes for 2013:

Bigger, faster, steeper! But we'll update and change in line with our progression I guess.

Long-term trails/digging goals:

I think our main long-term goals are not to have more jumps and lines but to get everything we've built dialled. Then we can look at making and creating new things.

I would like to ride your trails. Are they open to the public or private/invite only?

Fulwood are being kept as private/invite only, and No Dig - No Ride thing if you're local. People know of, and what's going on with our trials, they are not "secret" Just kept low key. We are 100% BMX!! If you ride trails, it's bicycle motocross. Simple.

Nearby spots:

No local spots as such, but we have The Asylum Skatepark 200 yards away. Their Box section! That is all...

Any jams or contests going on at your trails this year?

BBQ n beers. Often.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We would like to thank all the locals that said "it'll never work". Not for proving them wrong, but for proving ourselves right.

Fulwood Trails