Freddy Pulman

This kid’s sick. The first time I saw Freddy was at the JLC trails jam in 2007 when he kept bailing 360s. Fast forward six years and he has come a hell of a long way, winning the 2012 Dirt Wars series amateur category and getting hooked up with Spank Bikes and earlier this year, Marzocchi UK. Freddy has a go for it attitude and never seems scared to try stuff, even after taking a heavy slam. Super stylish 360s too. Keep an eye out for this guy, he’s making it big in the UK trails scene.


I’m from a village called Dalwood in Devon and I’ve had a passion for riding bikes ever since I learnt how to ride one. I have competed in the Dirt Wars series for the past two years. In 2011 I came second overall and in 2012 I won, giving me a place on the Spank Bikes team.

How did you get into riding?

I’ve ridden bikes from a young age and when I was 12 or 13 I rode BMX at the local skatepark then moved onto dirt and never looked back!

Best thing about BMX?

The best thing has got to be chilling with your mates at the jumps with a BBQ going and letting the good times roll.

Worst thing about BMX? Injures for sure!

Age: 18

Living in: Dalwood, Devon, United Kingdom

Occupation: Builders Laborer

Years riding: Not sure but I’ve been riding dirt for around six years

Sponsors: Spank Bikes, Hotlines

Style or tricks?

Stylish tricks? Haha style for miles if I had to choose.


Bass and Drum mainly although I like a lot of other different styles and tastes of music. 

Local riding spot:

K-hole trails and The Trick Factory skatepark in Bridport

Best riding spot:

K-Hole is what dreams are made of! Wisley and Holdshott are also amazing.

Favourite rider:

It has got to be Andreu Lacondeguy purely for his car-free attitude and stylish riding.

Favourite quote/advice/motto:

'It’s not over till its over' or 'no pain no gain'

2012 highlight(s):

Winning the Dirt Wars series overall and getting on the Spank Bikes and Marzocchi UK Team.

Firsts of 2013

Ride (date) 06/01/13

Ride (spot) Lymmington

People you rode with: 

Jack Gear, Danny Pace, Adam Williams, Blake samson, Sam Reynolds, James Loannou, Harry Steele and loads more!

Trick: 360

Case: A few times

Overshoot/flat-landing: Too many times


Trying 360 Tailwhips. I got my foot caught in the front wheel and landed on my face!

Injury/wound: None yet Fingers crossed

Bike fail/break: None yet

New trick/line: Barspin air at Bridport skatepark

Thing that scared you:

Overshooting a jump at lym and jumping off at the peak and thinking my legs were going to break on impact haha

Funny moment: Too many I cant think of one in particular

Best edit you’ve seen this year?

Not sure I don’t really spend too much time watching videos of riding, I would rather be riding myself!

Plans/goals for 2013:

Ride as much as possible, hopefully qualify at some of the Dirt Wars events in pro category and maybe learn some new stunts :)

Any wild trips planned? 

Going to Barcelona in February to ride with mates which will be good and hopefully go on a few UK roadtrips.

Shout outs:

Thanks to Spank Bikes, Marzocchi UK and Hotlines for sorting me out this year, the K-Hole crew and all the riders at The Trick Factory!

Photo by Mike Elkington

Photo by Harry Steele