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It’s summer, but from looking outside this day could easily pass as one in February back to the start of the first Firsts interview series. For those who don’t know, the Firsts interviews consisted of a standard set of introductory and general questions about a riders first moves and experiences of the year. These mainly riding related questions were put to both MTB and BMX riders. Some I knew well, some I only knew of from magazines, some are pro, some are sponsored and some just ride for the hell of it. What was important was their commonalities: shredding ability and drive to ride as often as possible.

An overview article had been an idea for months, so without further ado, here is the roundup with some statistics, highlights, ’bests’, quotes and all that. Enjoy. Oh, and this page is riddled with links.

Some stats:

Interviews: 33

BMX riders: 13

MTB riders: 20

Number of people who’s first ride of the year was on the 1st of january: 16 (48%)

Youngest riders (at time of interview): Matt Jones, Tom Kilcoyne and Harry Mills Wakeley (17)

Eldest rider: Martyn Tambling (29)

Most amount of riding years: Ricky Crompton (20)

BIggest sponsor list: Ricky Crompton (12)

Longest interview response: Steve Artus (815 words)

Longest intro: Dave Hayward (346 words)

Best intro: Josh Kew

Most viewed interviews:

1. Jack Fogelquist (549)

2. Tomas Zejda (531)

3. Lewis Richards (504)

4. Martyn Tambling (503)

  1. 5.Seb Yates (396)

Most ’liked’ interviews on Facebook (from photo likes):

1. Tomas Zejda (23)

  1. 2.Jay Cowley (19)

  2. 3.Matt Jones (18)

  3. 4.Aidan Horn (16)

  4. 5.James Curry (15)

Most mentioned videos:

1. How to Whip with Olly Wilkins (3)

2. Drew Bezanson Returns (3)

  1. 3.Mark Webb. The Webbie Show (2)

Most Favoured rider:

1. Chris Doyle (3)

2. Mike Aitken (3)

  1. 3.Drew Bezanson (3)

  2. 4.Brandon Semenuk (3)

  3. 5.Matt Hofman (2)

  4. 6.Cory Nastazio (2)

  5. 7.Jimmy Pratt (2)

  6. 8.Cory Bohan (2)

  7. 9.Chase Hawke (2)

  8. 10. Brian Foster (2)

  9. 11. Olly Wilkins (2)

  10. 12. Mark Webb (2)

  11. 13. Matt Macduff (interviewed) (2)

  12. 14. Dennis Enarson (2)

Most liked music genre:

  1. 1.Hip Hop (10)

  2. 2.Dance (5)

  3. 3.Metal (3)

  4. 4.D+B (3)

  5. 5.Rock (3)

Style or tricks?

  1. 1.Both: 14

  2. 2.Tricks: 10

  3. 3.Style: 9

Of-course these interview pages wouldn’t have worked without photos, so thanks to all the photographers who let me use their work. A few Saturday Snaps interviews also came out of speaking to these guys. Below are some of the photos that stood out for me. See title image for Best Overall Image.

Photographer with the most featured photos:

1. Szymon Nieborak (9)

2. Jonathan Williams (7)

3. Tom Goldsmith (7)

01 September 2012

Sam Reynolds

Photo by Unknown

Rob Welch

Photo by Ryan Taylor

Jason Colledge

Photo by Nathan Beddows

Photo by Tom Goldsmith

Photo by Death

Daryl Brown

Photo by unknown

Photo by Tom Goldsmith

Photo by Tom Goldsmith

Best Whip:

Highest Air:

Biggest Boost:

Most Stylish 360:

Best 360 Combo:

Most Dumped 360:

Best Table:

Craziest Trick:

Craziest Street Move:

Biggest Jump:

Best Photo compilation: Josh Kew

Best Trails Video:

Best Park/Street Video:

Best All-Round Video:

Favourite quotes:

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

“Because BMX is queer and you have to wear cool clothes and smoke weed and ride on smooth surfaces. I like going fast and high and over big bumps and jumps, and I don’t care if Im cool or not. Sorry for Partying.

That was aimed directly at my good friend Seb Yates who likes none of the above. Hahahaha.” (Olly Wilkins)

“Someone once told me "if you don't grind then you won’t shine". Most people I have said this to take it too literally and think it’s about doing grinds when really it’s a metaphor that if you don't put work in you won’t succeed.” (Josh Kew)

Thing that scared you:

“Watching a guy try to flip a dirt jump on a downhill bike who landed perfectly on his head. Somehow he walked away fine though!” (Matt Jones)

“No speed no trick. No money no funny.” (Tomas Zejda)

“One of the boys told a scooter kid that he could have this other kids bike.... And he just took it!” (James Curry)

“I have different coloured eyes and it helps me ride faster.” (Olly WIlkins)

“I tried to ride BMX when I was 13 but I was so fat, clumsy and useless that I gave up after two months.” (Connor Hoskings)

“like Sean Burns; it’s not worth doing unless it’s to flat!” (Rob Newman)

“There’s something unmatchable about the feeling you get when you see someone in person land something for the first time after watching them slam time and time again.” (Steve Artus)

“We were riding street up at the uni and the security guard came to kick us out, we were all sat around on our bikes and he started radioing through asking for back up, saying we had pulled a knife on him, that we were getting aggressive and that he was fearing for his life. It was hilarious.” (James Holmes)

“I’ve been stabbed in the hand haha.”

How did that happen?

“Erm me and my friend were kinda sword fighting with 8 inch blades at my friends garage and he accidentally stabbed my hand was soooo random six stitches.” (Luke Wyatt)

“Massage often means hookers in Indonesia, so make sure the hotel receptionist knows what you want before you order!” (Sam Reynolds)

See you again next year.

Josh Kew

Photo by Jonathan Williams

Reviewed: Part Deux by Deluxe BMXPart_Deux.html
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