Ifind it surprising that Philip Auckland doesn’t receive more coverage. He is among the UK’s best MTB dirt and park riders, has an impressive trick bag and flows some huge lines, as you can see from these photos and the video at the end.

Here Phil takes us back to January:

Age: 22

Living in: Coventry

Years riding: 11

Sponsors: Identiti bikes, Halo rims, Gusset components, Society forks.

Style or tricks? Got to have a good mix of both!

Music: Drum and Bass

Favourite riding spot: Woburn at the moment.

Favourite rider(s): Mike 'hucker' Clarke

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Don't take it all so seriously.

2011 highlight(s): Masters of Dirt Vienna

Occupation? Soon to be studying for my PHD (looking into manipulation of brown fat for future diabetes treatments).

Why do you ride? Friends, good times and all the parties!


Ride (date):

6th January.

Ride (spot):

Creation skatepark.

People you rode with:

Local boys, Lazy, Goldie and the Birmingham lot.


Probably a one foot table.


First run hah.


Second run.


Errr flat landed the volcano doing a three table and ate it pretty good!


Dislocated my shoulder this weekend, but it was only minor and I can still ride fine.

Bike fail/break:

Bent my bars.

New trick/line:

Did my first 360 step through x up.

Thing that scared you:


Funny moment:

Things that can go on the Internet.... Something to do with my mate sam, a lot of beer and strippers.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (link):

Mr Reynolds new one (see right).

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

I don't ride a BMX because originally me and my friends were all into 4x. So obviously we all rode MTB. We later gave that up and got into the DJ and later the skatepark scene, both of which around our area were dominated by BMXrs.

Unfortunately slowly all of the MTB guys quit and now I only ride with BMXrs really (not like its a bad thing), but I'm having fun on my MTB and I’m lucky enough to get my bike hooked up, so there is no reason to change that!

Plans/goals for 2012:

Just keep riding and have as much fun as I can.


Want to say a big thanks to all my mates, lazy, Goldie, James, Ren, Matt Jones and all the Woburn/Corby/creation locals for lots of rad times. Everyone who has supported me at ID, Matt, Lloyd, Maz, Dave, Jordan and Pat.. Without them I wouldn't be riding!

And thanks Milan for listening to the rubbish I have to say! All the best yoooo.

Philip Auckland

Photo: Clem Hencher-Stevens (www.clemphoto.co.uk)

Photo: James Webber

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