Tom Reynolds

I won’t lie. When I met Tom Reynolds at the K-hole jam last year I mistook him for his older brother Sam... They look similar both on and off the bike and share some of the best whips in the business. They are the UKs equivalent to the McCauls.

The only move I saw Tom do all day during the jam was go sideways, and he couldn’t have looked happier. That’s not to say he can’t do tricks though; he can do them on demand if necessary, as Ben Gregg-Waller recollects when he explained the title photo:

“Everyone was backflipping that jump and it was getting on my tits. So I shouted at him as he was walking back up to put another run in. I told him to do something different. Tom can twist.”

Tom will undoubtedly rack up some impressive results at big international events alongside his brother soon. Watch out for him. Here’s an introduction to the DMR bikes trails boss:

Background: Started riding BMX and Skatepark when I was 13 until 14, then started riding MTB and dirt jumps. Found a group of locals and rode as much as I could and it got addictive very fast! I rode in Open category in King of Dirt for just over a year, and I started riding in Pro category in 2011. I got hooked up by DMR Bikes towards the end of 2010.

Age: 18

Living in: Fleet, Hampshire.

Occupation: Part time work at the Bike Shop in Fleet.

Years riding: 5: One BMX and four riding MTB.

Sponsors: DMR Bikes

Style or Tricks? Style and Tricks! But Style if I had to pick one!

Music: Some Party and Some Chilled music!

Favourite Riding Spot: Lymington and Mandry’s Farm.

Favourite Rider(s): Olly Wilkins and James Ioannou.

Favourite quote/Advice/Motto: “It’s made with bits of real Panther, so you know it’s good”. And “Go big or go home.”

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I recently had an operation to plug a hole in the middle of my heart! Apparently the hole was 20mm in diameter!

2011 highlights: Riding with the Pro’s in competitions and pulling off my 1st ever 360 Backflip! Backflip 360: video here.


Ride (date):


Ride (Spot):

4a Trails

People you rode with:

Ryan Nangle, Craig Potter, Toby Ware, Marcel Hunt


Flowing with 360s and backflips.


Try not to, but there are always a few!


Rarely, but again, always a few!


Over rotated a backflip two years ago, landed on a pump bump with my back and shunted my spine, still hurts now!


From crash above, I couldn’t move my back for a week or so and have muscle problems even now from it!

Bike Fail/Break:

Nah Never.

New Trick/Line:

Working on getting 360 Backflips more consistent.

Thing that scared you:

Re-learning backflips after my bad crash. All okay now though!

Funny Moment:

Having a stone fight with inner tube-catapults at Mandry’s Farm!

Best Edit you’ve seen this year:

Well there hasn’t been many but I suppose the How To Whip With Olly Wilkins is the best so far! (see left).

Why don’t you ride a BMX:

I actually enjoy being with MTB riders, BMX riders seem to hate Mountain bikers with a passion so I don’t even bother with them, and dirt is way more fun on a MTB! Also I like freeride, Downhill and 4x, Try doing those on a BMX!

Plans/Goals for 2012:

Travel to competitions in Europe.

Photo: Jeron Holy

Photo: Ryan N

Thumbnail and title photo on main page: Life in Motion Photography all rights reserved 

Photo: Harry Chamberlain

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