One of Sheffield’s top MTB street riders, Tom Kilcoyne, made his mark with the killer Steeze Bikes edit released at the start of the year. He has unbelievable technical skill and pulls tricks on a MTB that many can’t do on 20’ wheels. I’m sure spending time with Black Market rider Matt Jamieson didn’t exactly do any harm. At his rate of progression I can see him achieving big things on his bike in the near future.

Age: 17 years old

Living in: Parents house

Occupation: student at sixthform. Hopefully going to do civil engineering at uni next year.

Years riding: 3ish

Sponsors: Steezebikes Phineculture

Style or tricks? Style definitely

Music: A real mix of stuff really, if theres a song in a really good edit, I'll often listen to that to ride to.

Favourite riding spot: London street

Favourite rider(s): BMX: Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy and Chase Dehart. MTB: Michel plonka

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Enjoy it

2011 highlight(s): Finishing my edit and meeting new people


Ride (date) Cant really remember, probably New years day haha

Ride (spot) My local skatepark, Millhouses

People you rode with: Tom peters

Trick: Table

Case: Haven’t so far

Overshoot/flat-landing: Haven’t so far

Slam: Feel pretty hard on a manny 180.

Injury/wound: Sprained wrist, and my ankles a bit swollen

Bike fail/break: Cracked my back rim

New trick/line: Erm, tag manny 180 to half cab tag manny 180. and Manny 180 7cab.

Thing that scared you: Not had a chance to ride anything scary because of the weather

Funny moment: Watching scooter kids slam

Why don’t you ride BMX? Hmm I don’t ride BMX because I first started on a 26" trials bike i got off Ebay and slowly adapted it over time. I feel more comfortable on MTB and just prefer it really.

Plans/goals for 2012: Travel and ride, Planning a trip to Barcelona, hopefully going to film a lot. Going to ride London more as well and possibly Paris. Just travel as much as I can and enjoy it.

Anything else you’d like to add, shout-outs etc?

Shout out to Matt Jamieson and Tom Peters for filming and editing my edit.

Best edit you’ve seen this year?

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