Steve Artus

Steve is nuts. Having ridden with him a fair few times it’s obvious he knows how to tear a spot apart, but in his hay day before the pressures of adult life and the 9-5 he absolutely killed it. Steve was always keen to travel and enter comps even if it meant pedalling for hours on his own to an unknown skatepark. The fire was burning and he did everything possible to keep it roaring.

If he rode the way he did when he did on a MTB then he would have been up there with the best and picked up some big sponsorship deals for sure. I mean how many people have you seen do crank flip bar spins?! I’m sure he has no regrets though.

Nowadays Steve may not be bar spinning every crazy gap in sight, but he still hits them. There is no such thing as a mellow ride in Steve’s books. As soon as he spots a ridiculous transfer he’ll be back on the roll in and before you know it he’s on the gas fully committed and about to take off.

The fire may have dimmed but it is far from out.

Age: 26

Living in: A rented house share with five people none of whom ride or know each other in any way other than being housemates.

Years riding: Careful that one’s embarrassing.

Sponsors: None

Style or tricks? In my opinion the riders who constantly push the limits have the most style. When they aren’t doing big tricks they flow about with a huge amount of style, but this is easily forgotten as people rarely see this side to them. The more times you do the same trick the more style you can give it before you move onto something new. Some of the slyest nosed in 720s I’ve seen are done by the guys who can do 1080s.

When it comes to video parts I’d rather watch someone who’s stylish flowing in a way only they know how, because I’m more likely to watch it again and again. But there’s also something unmatchable about the feeling you get when you see someone in person land something for the first time after watching them slam time and time again.

From a riders perspective I like the rush you get after learning something new or landing something that you’ve been scared of for a while. When I was growing up I had a bit or a reputation for being a hucker, so I guess that puts me in the tricks category, but sometimes I enjoy simply flowing through a set of trails or around a skatepark. Personally though I don’t think I’m stylish.

Music: My music tastes have often been described as very eclectic, I just thought it was a collection of all my favourite songs. Why listen to all 12 tracks from an album when there’s only three you really want to listen to? Call it a collection of one hit wonders if you will but I was gutted when I realised my MP3 had gone through the washing machine. I still have some good CDs I burnt for the car including compilation CDs called “Older Than You” in reference to both my choice of music, and (a website made by Chris Jannis about eight years ago based on Catty Woods trails (PA/USA) that’s not about any more) which influenced me at the time.

Now that I have some “new” music on a work phone from the guy that had it before me I’ve not put any of mine on there cause I want to give them a chance, but so far it’s not really doing it for me.

Favourite riding spot:

It’s the people that make the memories, but it helps if the spots have some good lines. I’ve had some of the worst sessions at the best parks, and some of the best sessions at mediocre parks because of the people I’ve been riding with. My favourite spots though are Villaj, Shittie’s Garden, Gypo (when it’s not windy) Interact skatepark in Burnley and my old local spot Farnborough skatepark.

Favourite rider(s):

To watch:

Andy Hall, Cam hardy, Gav Shortall, Robbo, Matt Roe, Joe Symonds, Richard Thomas, Tom justice, Paul Chapman, Chester Blacksmith, Drew Bezanson, Morgan wade, Mike Aitkin, Brian Foster, Kris Fox and many, many more.

Everyone that I currently ride with and:


Chris Mainprice

Mike Unwin

Favourite quote/advice/motto:

Better to try and fail than not try at all.

’You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close.’

2011 highlight(s):

Meeting the locals at Villij, riding Ed’s trails in Sheffield and getting psyched on Monkey Bumps (local trails in Sheffield).



Terminal 1 park in Melton Mowbray on the first or second Tuesday in January. I promised all my mates that hadn’t been before that it’s empty on a bike night, but I didn’t realise that it was still the school holidays. The park was rammed with scooter kids. Blunder.

People you rode with:

Geoff, Milan and Bilsie.


Probably a step through/Can can.

Overshoot/flat-landing :

I overshot the box to spine gap by a bit due to hitting it too fast so I missed the landing (see picture). Fortunately the guys at Terminal 1 lent me a stem for the rest of the session.


I think I rode out of that somehow.


Pride, See Above.

Bike fail/break:

See Above.

New trick/line

Allyoop 360 spine to box landing.

Thing that scared you:

Riding across a frozen lake (click here for video).

Funny moment:

Riding across a frozen lake.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (link)

Brian Foster’s Stay Fit edit. It's not new but it’s so damn good. If we’re talking new new then either the infamous Drew Dezanson Returns edit or the Kris Fox Winter 2012 video.

Plans/goals for 2012:

Find more time to ride, and develop the scene at Monkey Bumps; I might need to host some more jams, who knows.

Unfortunately there are no videos of Steve currently online but filming for his edit is in progress. Watch this space...

Photo: Unknown, Valencia, Spain 2005

Photo: Stephen Stuart, Sheffield 2006

Photo: Owen Atkinson

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