Seb Yates

Ladies man and all round joker Seb Yates is an animal on a bike. Given his exceptional ability to flow, style and trick through a set of trails I’m baffled he hasn’t received much coverage.

The Surrey rider enjoys a good session and banter with Ollie Wilkins. It’s refreshing to see a BMX’r who isn’t concerned about wheel size, which unfortunately isn’t common place in the 20” world.

Photos and video by James Hamilton-Martin

Age: 22

Living in: Woking, Surrey

Occupation: Bike rider. Plumbing and heating engineer

Years riding: 11

Sponsors:, S4P

Music: R and b, hip hop, rock and roll, gangster stuff

Favourite riding spot: Chertsey trails, Peyneir and Milford (RIP)

Favourite riders: Chase Hawk, Cory Nastazio and Brian Foster

Favourite quote: Life is short, enjoy the ride.

Interesting fact: I was born in Paris on friday the 13th

2011 highlights: Deluxe trails trip in france and shooting for my web edit.

First (of 2011)

Ride: Early January.

Spot: Our trails at our friends johns in Milford.

People I rode with: Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds, Matt Cox and John Davis

Trick: Probably a turndown or 3 table

Case: Peyneir on the transfer nearly ate it

Over shoot: John’s trails.... Missed the whole landing.

Slam: MOD in Vienna, did a front flip and didn't go fast enough hit face on the bars and had my lip stitched up, not fun.

Injury: Broken ribs from a 3 table to flat and my chest smashed the bars.

Bike break: My v brake on my old frame snapped off just on the last day of filming for my web edit! Thanks to Mark at Deluxe BMX for a new frame!

Learnt: Frontflips earlier in the year and riding loads of trails in France for the first time like La Source and Montpellier trails was amazing!

Things that scared me: Front flipping our big jump! Erghh!

Funny moment: Far too many probably something with Sam Reynolds and Olly Wilkins, maybe to do with being naked or breaking something in a hotel! Who can say.

Best edit I have seen this year: Probably Tom Dugan and Mike Aitken.

Plans for 2012: Ride as much as I can, and travel as much as I can through riding and have a lot of fun!

Shout outs to Mark at Deluxe BMX, Mark from great guy, really good to be a part of it. And anyone I ride with!

Photo curtesy of Ride UK

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