Rob Newman

Getabmx resident and king of the Tabletop Rob Newman gives the lowdown of his first moves of the year and his plans for 2012.

If you want to find out more about the trails boss read his in-depth interview from last Autumn here and his Welcome to getabmx interview here.

Watch out for Mr Newman at this years Dirt Wars series. Rob may be on the wrong side of 20 but he’s a far from mellowing out. In fact, thanks to a new step up jump he’s dialling in some new tricks in preparation for a killer season (and to keep up with the kids).

Over to Rob Newman:

Age: 26

Living in: East Devon

Occupation: Teacher

Years riding: 15

Sponsors: Flow Bikes, Nookie Bikes (and getabmx since interview date).

Style or tricks? Style

Music: DnB 4 life

Favourite riding spot: The K-Hole

Favourite rider(s): Brandon Semenuk, Sam Reynolds and Freddy Pulman.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: You don't know until you try it (what goes through my head when I get scared to send a twist).

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I once won a GMTV phone in competition to go watch the Gladiators being filmed.

2011 highlight(s): Making it to the finals of all the Dirt Jump comps I entered.

First (of 2012)

Ride (date):

2nd or 3rd of Jan

Ride (spot):

Out on the All Mountain Bike so Triscombe or Yettington (or dare I say it Haldon).

People you rode with:

Pass LOL.


Would have to have been a table.


Not sure if I have cased anything.


Almost everything, especially on the all mountain bike, like Sean Burns; it’s not worth doing unless it’s to flat!


Pedal smash to frontflip on the red run at Haldon.


A few scrapes on my back from above crash.

Bike fail/break:

Wheel bearings went on the All Mountain steed.

New trick/line:

Testing out Dezrays line up the new spot, Sandcastles.

Thing that scared you:

Seeing my bike drop eight or ten feet down to the fire road below after the crash mentioned above.

Funny moment:

Loudly singing Parry Gripp's 'Chimpanzee riding on a segway' at the people riding Segways at Haldon trail centre LOL.

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

Div’s latest edit. (See left)

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

Cause I'm not gay (joke)! I just don't like the twitchiness of them. They are fun and jumping on someones BMX every now and again is cool but the bigger more stable 24" wheels is the optimal size for me.

Plans/goals for 2012:

Get opposite twists on the go, put on the best Dirt jump series the UK has ever seen and do at least one Gravity Enduro race.


Big thanks and shouts to Steve & Tony @ Flow, Sy & Spike @ Nookie, Jay and Ben @ The Bike Shop - Tiverton, all the K-Hole crew and Div for being an absolute legend!

Photo: Paul Campbell, Phaze Photography

Photo: Peter Ford

Photo: David Inglis

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