Ricky Crompton is fully immersed in the pro rider lifestyle. He is either travelling, on photo shoots, competing in Slopestyle, Dirt, Mini Drome or 4X contests, updating his website, giving interviews or managing his skills tuition and track construction company RIDE LIFE ltd. Simply put, bikes are his life. It’s astonishing that Ricky found the time to answer these questions:

Age: 25

Living in: Ramsbottom, Lancashire.

Years riding: 20 years. Competing for 12 years.

Sponsors: Black Market bikes, Profile Racing USA, Skull Candy headphones, Famous Stars and Straps Clothing/FMS Footwear, Bawbags Underwear, Manitou Suspension, IXS Protective Wear, Urge Helmets, Royal Racing, Freestyle Extreme, Adidas Eyewear UK, Eastpak bags. Ridelife.

Style or tricks? Stylish big tricks.

Music: Rap metal, Heavy Metal, Electro funk, drum and bass, Industrial.

Favourite riding spot: Whistler, Canada.

Favourite rider(s): Shaun Palmer, Cory Nastazio, Darren Berrecloth, Cory Bohan and Cam Zink.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: "You only live once."

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I enjoy the feeling of crashing hard.

2011 highlights:

  1. 2nd Red Bull Mini Drome, Manchester.

  2. 1st Red Bull mini Drome, Gent, Belgium.

  3. 1st Red Bull Mini Drome, Paris.

  4. 1st National points series 4X Redhill.

  5. 15 Stunt shows with The Clan Stun Team in Scotland.

  6. Featured on BBC "Country File" programme.

  7. Featured interview on National TV Belgium, which was showed on three channels.

  8. Featured pictures in Fixed Gear magazine, London.

  9. Featured in a double page bike check in Spoke Magazine, Germany.


Ride (date): 21st/01/2012

Ride (spot): Lee quarry, Lancashire.

People you rode with: Myself on a photo shoot.

Trick: Wheelie Barspin

Case: Front wheel case setting up for a 360 whip at Woburn trails.

Overshoot: None.

Slam: Still waiting, the time will come...

Injury/wound: Broken Knuckle from under rotating a flip out of a flat bank.

Bike fail/break The Black Market is too strong and reliable for that.

New trick/line: Flip table to tuck no hand.

Thing that scared you: My Flight back from Ireland after New Year that nearly crashed (I thought I was going to die).

Funny moment: Watching myself back on CCTV in a clubs office from my new years eve party in Ireland. (I don't remember a thing).

Best edit you’ve seen this year? See right.

Plans/goals for 2012:

  1. Have fun every single day on my bike!

  2. Produce a sick video documenting my lifestyle with some really creative lines.

  3. Learn lots of new tricks and compete every week.

  4. Race lots of 4x and win some medals.

  5. Become the RedBull Mini Drome champion 2012.

  6. Develop my website into a busy online retail outlet for me and my team.

  7. A big goal is to sign with a Energy drink sponsor for 2012 and beyond!

  8. Feature in lots of UK and European magazines and get as much media coverage as possible for me and my sponsors on a weekly basis.


Thanks for your time. Shout outs to all my sponsors; massive thanks for supporting me with the best products and I’m really looking forward to another successful year working with you all!

Check out www.rickycrompton.com for all the latest happenings in 2012.

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