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Title: Jacob Gibbins

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This guy must have been making his sponsors proud lately, featuring on the cover of Dirt Mag (#115) and in edits that have gone viral thanks to his skills on a bicycle and sense of humour; it’s refreshing to see someone not taking bikes too seriously. Olly Wilkins has been a high profile UK trails rider for nearly a decade and has been highly prominent in the comp scene for most of that time. 

The long-term DMR sponsored rider has an abnormal boosting ability that makes him exciting to watch even when he’s not pulling tricks. Of course Mr Wilkins is more than a little familiar with contest winning moves, but style is central to his riding. 

See below for the final instalment of the 2012 Firsts interview series:

Age: 25

Living in: Milford

Occupation: Bikes

Years riding: 14

Sponsors: DMR bikes, Fox Racing.

Style or tricks? Both.

Music: Everything but a lot of old school hiphop.

Favourite riding spot: Milford

Favourite rider(s): James Stewart

Favourite quote/advice/motto: I can’t think of anything witty enough to write.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I have different coloured eyes and it helps me ride faster.

2011 highlight(s): Riding Peynier. Riding everywhere.


Ride (date):


Ride (spot):

XC in Milford woods.

People you rode with:



Whip at Woburn.


On the Woburn first hip.


On the Woburn first hip.


On a big hip we built in the woods.



Bike fail/break:

Nothing, I ride for companies who create only the best products

New trick/line:

Out of control whips on our new disgusting hip!

Thing that scared you:

Running into our new hip and catching a pedal

Funny moment:

Seeing Sam Reynolds get a stick stuck in his head

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

Because BMX is queer and you have to wear cool clothes and smoke weed and ride on smooth surfaces. I like going fast and high and over big bumps and jumps, and I don’t care if Im cool or not. Sorry for Partying.

That was aimed directly at my good friend Seb Yates who likes none of the above. Hahahaha.

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

This obviously (see left).

Plans/goals for 2012:

Ride more/faster/better.

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