This kid is a classic example of natural talent; it’s astonishing what he can do on a bike given that he’s only been riding for five years.

In 2011 he competed in events including NASS where he made the final, and the Knock-Out jam in Munich, which he won.

Palmer had a big crash at the end of 2011, but he’s back on his bike and tearing it up already. Watch out for him at comps this year.

Here Ollie gives the lowdown of his Firsts ever.

Age: 20

Living in: Some random place called Colyton

Years riding: 5!!

Sponsors: Wearelevel

Style or tricks? Don’t really have a style, goofy? Erm no handers and flairs

Music: Rise against!

Favourite riding spot: Munich, Germany. Barcelona, Bridport, Corby

Favourite rider(s): Mark Webb, Todd Meyn and Matt Hoffman !!

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Go big or go home

2011 highlight(s): Won a comp (Knock-Out jam) over in Munich, Germany, pretty stoked on that


Ride (date) Erm sometime when i was 15 in the summer.

Ride (spot) Seaton skatepark

People you rode with: Some locals still to this date, Alex Hartnell.

Trick: Maybe a 1 footer?

Case: Learning spines

Overshoot/flat-landing: First time riding dirt at Exeter JLC

Slam: Airing a 6ft quarter at Seaton

Injury/wound: End of 2011, cracked my forehead and shattered my eye socket.

Bike fail/break: Air to flat at Corby and snapped my bars.

New trick/line: 3flip fakie

Thing that scared you: Breaking my face at Corby.

Funny moment: Pretty much everyday i ride there is a funny moment.

Best edit you’ve seen this year? See left

Plans/goals for 2012: Get back into riding again from my injury, and be fit enough to ride NASS again.

Shout out to Wearelevel for getting me to comps and for the support!

Ollie Palmer at the Knock-Out jam in Munich, 2011.

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