Mike Kirk

Imet Mike at Sheet trails during a roadtrip last summer. Unfortunately he was injured at the time, but he was happy to record some clips for me. This year he’s been digging at a new spot and is back in action sending flips and super clicked tables. Judging from photos Mike has a natural trails style. He may be short on tricks but who needs tricks when you can lay the bike flat like that. Hopefully I’ll get to see him on a bike in full flow soon.

Here’s how Mike got on with January:

Age: 25

Living in: Aldershot

Years riding: 6

Sponsors: None, I'm not pro enough.

Style or tricks? Both in the right place.

Music: Metal.

Favourite riding spot: Chertsey, Woburn, Chicksands, PORC, The Gravity Project.

Favourite rider(s): Ryan Sher, Mike Aitken, Jim Cielencki, mmaannyy others.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Live Free, Ride or Die.

2011 highlight(s): Getting back into riding after a four year break.


Ride (date):

1st January, didn’t hang about.

Ride (spot):

Gravity Project.

People you rode with:

The Gravity Project trails guys.




Chicksands second set... Amateur.


PORC trick set.


Yesterday (22 January) at the pumptrack. Went too fast, that’s my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


Shinned myself, classic.

Bike fail/break:

It's been fine.

New trick/line:

Does digging count as a line?

Thing that scared you:

Flub's driving. First Flip over a decent sized jump.

Funny moment:

Nothing springs to mind. We're well boring.

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

RedBull Ride and Seek series (see left).

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

I stopped riding BMX when it became more about 'being BMX' than actually riding your bike. I find with MTB trails that you can just get your head down and do what you want to do with nobody having a negative opinion of your style or tricks, and those that do make a lot of enemies. It's a tighter click of riders who all seem to be sound. Although this Dubstep and Skinny jeans shit needs to go away in my opinion haha.

Plans/goals for 2012:

Get my knee back to speed after last years ACL incident, then re-learn tailwhips and seat-grabs.

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