Lima Eltham and Matt Priest

2013 Firsts

Juggling a website, diploma, full-time job, bikes and booze got a bit much in early 2013 while the second Firsts series was underway. Regrettably this meant the site had to take a back seat so some interviews gathered dust, then more dust, until they were completely out of sight. Fast forward to January 2015 and life has calmed down a little so ideas for new features were born, and as they did I remembered some old Firsts interviews I never got round to publishing.

Here’s a couple of them. So why these two and why merge them onto one page? Well Lima and Priest have a few things in common - they shred the hell out of trails and scope out fast flowey lines at the skatepark, they both live in prestigious university cities, ride for Verde and feature in that rad Oxbridge frame promo edit which nearly made the What’s Hot 2013-14 list. Matt Priest is a little cooler though cause he rides goofy. Haha. Anyway, here’s some quick questions they answered in January 2013 about riding in January 2013:

Portrait photos by Martyn Tambling, cover photo (right) by Vincent Perraud

Who is Lima Eltham? Someone who rides a BMX bike and tries to have as much fun as possible in life.

How did you get into riding? A new skatepark opened in my town and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Best thing about BMX? Friends, traveling

Worst thing about BMX? injuries

Age: 25

Living in: Oxford

Occupation: BMX rider

Years riding: 10+

Sponsors: DC shoes, Fox clothing, Verde bikes

Style or tricks? Both

Music: I own a lot of varied music.

Local riding spot: Anywhere in Oxfordshire

Best riding spot: Eastside woods ATX

Favourite rider(s): Bohan, Priest, Chase hawk and Aitken

Motto: Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

Interesting fact about yourself: I only know football facts.

2012 highlight(s): Riding at the Olympics, living in Austin and Texas Toast

“Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.”

Firsts of 2013

Ride (date) 8th January roadtrip till 11 January. Ride (spot) Five different skateparks in the south of England. People you rode with: Matt Priest, Alex Leech, Bob Manchester, LITW crew, Bas Keep, Dan Lacey. Trick: 360 Case: Case at our house box yanking too hard on a 360. Slam: Touch wood, nope.

Injury/wound: Rolled my ankle playing football. Bike fail/break: Nah New trick/line: Downside pegless chink. first trick i've learned in ages. Thing that scared you: People driving in the snow. Funny moment: That roadtrip was fun the whole time. Best edit you’ve seen this year: Either Lacey’s one or Credence frame promo. Plans/goals for 2013: Stay healthy. enjoy life. Any wild trips planned? Talks of some South African adventures Anything else? Thanks to everyone who supports me.

Firsts of 2013

Ride: Corby I think. People you rode with: Jed and Bentley. Trick: Manual. Case: No Idea. Overshoot/flat-landing: Probably at saffron walden. Slam: At Hemel Hempstead jumping into the bowl. Injury/wound: Bruised hip. Bike fail/break: Puncture. New trick/line: Manual combos. Thing that scared you: Driving my car in the snow. Funny moment: Jed and Tucker banter! Best edit you’ve seen this year: Dan Lacey’s newest one is sick the intro is crazy!! Plans/goals for 2013: Ride Stay heathy and have fun. Any wild trips planned? South Africa and Austin soon hopefully. Anything else? Cheers, Go Ride!!

Who is Matt Priest? Im a BMX rider from cambridge, Always trying to have a good time.

How did you get into riding? Just started going to the local trails and never left.

Best thing about BMX? Meeting amazing friends and traveling to amazing places.

Worst thing about BMX? Injuries

Age: 23

Living in: Cambridge

Occupation: BMX rider

Years riding: Eight

Sponsors: Verde, Relentless, Vans, Halo, The source, Duo, Quintin co

Style or tricks? Both

Music: Rock, Hip Hop

Local riding spot: Jesus Green

Best riding spot: Woodyard in the day Saffron at night

Favourite rider: Mike Aitken

Motto: Less Is More

Interesting fact about yourself: I hate sea food!

2012 highlight(s): Riding Empire of dirt, Winning Dirt rider of the year