Despite his young age, Matt Jones has been on the 4X and dirt jump scene for some time and has become well known throughout the UK. He has some of the most dumped threes in the business as well as a host of other show-stopping tricks and a smooth style. Having year round running trails on his doorstep must help, but commitment and natural talent must play the biggest role. This kid has a bright future ahead of him for sure.

Age: 17

Living in: Woburn, Bedfordshire, South East England.

Occupation: Student at school.. LAME!

Years riding: Four or Five.

Sponsors: Identiti bikes, Halo rims, Gusset parts, Team 7.

Style or tricks? It seems that people only take notice of amped tricks, but I reckon a combination of style and tricks is the way! It’s all about making your average tricks look sick.

Music: Literally everything.

Favourite riding spot: Woburn/Jimmy Pratt’s.

Favourite rider(s): Dane Searls, Brendan Fairclough, Andreu Lecondeguy.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: If in doubt, Send It.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica.


Ride (date):

02/01/2012 once the hangover had passed.

Ride (spot):

Woburn dirt jumps.

People you rode with:

Sam Johnson and my brother.


Back flip no hander.


My first big case was only last month and I’m ashamed to admit that I bent a pair of forks. Gnar.


Flat landed a box at a skatepark. Rode away from it but it was mentally close to death.


Over-rotated a 360, where I landed sideways and got highsided, no injuries though!


I put a chisel through my hand at school, and received five stitches to show to the ladies.

Bike fail/break:

All the parts I’m given are yet to break!

New trick/line:

360 tailwhip landed it at last!

Thing that scared you:

Watching a guy try to flip a dirt jump on a downhill bike who landed perfectly on his head. Somehow he walked away fine though!

Funny moment:

Realising that the guy on the downhill bike was all good. ^^

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

See left.

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

For me mountain bikes suit the area that I ride most frequently (Woburn), where there’s some singletrack on offer as well as dirt jumps. A mountain bike allows me to ride everything.

Plans/goals for 2012:

Hit more European competitions, and generally improve my riding, after I finish school I’ll be partying harrrrd!


Big shout outs go to my sponsors and my mum and dad for supporting me, and everyone who loves the sport and endorses it.

Matt Jones

Title photo: James Webber

All other photos curtesy of Szymon Nieborak

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