Matt Jamieson

Matt Jamieson is arguably the most talented and well known MTB street rider in the UK. He is also possibly the busiest, juggling Chef jobs often at various outlets, managing a distribution company and his shop Steeze Bikes, and of course representing some high profile companies through his riding.

He definitely isn’t bothered about standing out, which I admire; whether that’s with his 26” MTB in a sea of BMX bikes, his taste in fashion or the loud hairstyles he sadly no longer rocks. He reminds me of the great BMX rider Sean Burns. He rides fast, hucks stuff, twists large stair drops and doesn’t conform to trends; Matt rode 26”, brakeless and rigid way before it became fashionable. He also has a style that can only be acquired through a background in trails.

A full interview will be out at the end of April. For now though here’s a glimpse into his life on a bike.

Age: 24

Living in: Sheffield

Occupation: Chef, owner at Steeze Bikes.

Years riding: 7

Sponsors: Black Market bikes, Atomlab, Profile.

Style or tricks? Street.

Music: Death Metal.

Favourite riding spot: Ghetto spot in Sheffield

Favourite rider(s): Tom Kilcoyne, Bob Culthard, Shane Steel, Nev.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: For my day job I am a pastry chef.

2011 highlight(s): Not getting any massive injuries haha.

Firsts of 2012

Ride (date): 17/01/2012

Ride (spot): Terminal 1 skatepark.

People you rode with: Shane Steel, Nev, Rick, Mosh, Sam.

Trick: Opposite pedal feeble to 180’.

Case: In the bowl (coping stuck out a lot)

Overshoot/flat-landing: In the bowl.

Slam: I tried a rail ride up a rail that was very slick and it didn’t work out all that well...

Injury/wound: The usual cuts and bruises.

Bike fail/break: Snapped spokes doing 540s.

New trick/line: I tried to learn no handed flips.

Thing that scared you: Flips

Funny moment: Up rail ride.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (see left)

Plans/goals for 2012: Take some trips and keep myself as injury free as possible.


I’d like to say thanks to all my sponsors for all the help!

Photo: Tim Wilkey

Thumbnail photo: Alex Knowles

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