Martin Knorr

I’ve been following Martin’s riding for a couple of years now. He has a tech street style which is difficult to reflect on camera, but every now and then I see a video clip that really impresses me; be it some tech manoeuvre or a massive wallride.

You would never guess from his writing that Martin is from the Netherlands. He writes better than a lot of Brits! Martin also has a great persona and I hope to meet him soon.

Read on to find out about the PSBMX/Black Market Bikes/KRK Protection rider’s first moves and fails of 2012.

Age: 21

Living in: Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Occupation: Student/Model.

Years riding: 7

Sponsors: PlusSizeBMX, Black Market Bikes, KRK Protection.

Style or tricks? Style for sure!

Music: Mainly dubstep, but I also love hiphop and dance music.

Favourite riding spot: My favourite spots are the ones that I haven’t hit yet. I love hitting new lines in the streets which aren’t made for riding. My favourite spots I have been to are the Brooklyn Banks in New York, and the boat-benches sticking out of a wall in London

Favourite rider(s): Adam Hauck and Ludwig Jäger, I love their riding style and they’re so dialled.

Favourite quote/advice/motto: That’s what she said.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I hate reading books and I was born blond.

2011 highlight(s): The trip to London for the London Street Jam. I had such a good time!


Ride (date)

Wednesday evening, 4th of January.

Ride (spot)

Skatepark Sweatshop.

People you rode with:

My mates Ritchie and Mark.


Not sure which trick I did first, but during my first session I learned nollie 360s out of banks.


Airing a quarterpipe and having a hang up while landing.


Can’t remember any overshoots this year, but it’s also hard to accidentally overshoot something in the streety indoor skatepark I have only ridden yet (due to the bad weather).


A 360 slider drop out of a tranny going wrong.


Broke my nail while trying to kill a fly. The fly is still alive.

Bike fail/break:

Just some regular stuff I needed to do for the new bike (re-tensioning spokes etc)

New trick/line:

Nollie 360 out of banks. Want to try them off drops soon.

Thing that scared you:

The moment I realised it was too late to avoid the person who was riding right in my direction.

Funny moment:

Trying to do tricks on a big rotating disc on a kiddy playground. 

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

See left; not street, but definitely funny

Plans/goals for 2012:

- Drop an edit at the end of every single month

- Hit the streets of NYC

  1. -Ride street in London or Barcelona

Why don’t you ride a BMX?

Why don't ride BMX: Why don't they ride MTB? I'm way too tall for BMX. I can ride one but it feels awkward and looks silly. Also tricks look way better on big wheels (for example 360s and tailwhips look way cooler on a MTB because of the bigger wheels).


Big thanks to PlusSizeBMX, Black Market Bikes, and KRK Protection for hooking me up and being awesome, big thanks to Milan for this interview, and big thanks to everyone I ride with for the good times!

Also check out the teaser for the new PSBMX DVD:

Photo: Patrick Dolkens

Thumbnail photo by Richie van Pelt

Photo: Orlando Haak

Photo: Richie van Pelt

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