Luke Wyatt

Good park and trails MTBs are few and far between in Devon, especially those in their teenage years. Luke Wyatt is one of them.

The Paignton local shreds at any spot he rides, whatever he rides... His bike is often barely functional or completely un-ridable, in which case he will hop on to whatever bike is available and ride it like its his own.

Luke’s care free attitude means he often rides on the edge, which is exciting to watch and explains his rapid level of progression. Give him a few years and he’ll be twice as good for sure.

Age: 19

Living in: Paignton

Years riding: 5?

Sponsors: None

Style or tricks? Bit of both

Music: Anything

Favourite riding spot: K.hole

Favourite rider(s): Jimmy Pratt

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Derek Black

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I’ve been stabbed in the hand haha.

How did that happen?

Erm me and my friend were kinda sword fighting with 8 inch blades at my friends garage and he accidentally stabbed my hand was soooo random six stitches.

2011 highlight(s): Riding at the Holdshott jam and tried to ride NASS with a fractured elbow.


Ride (date)

14th January

Ride (spot)

Local trails

People you rode with:

Jake Welby, ben walker, Devan Murrey.


X-up one foot.


2nd of the mainline at the local trails.


Pulled out too much on a quarter and landed flat at the local concrete park.


Messed a 360 up on our local trails and went down hard!


Sprained ankle after the crash mentioned above.

Bike fail/break:

None so far.

New trick/line:

Opposite and normal barspins.

Thing that scared you:

Nearly rolling my old car whilst rallying it.

Funny moment:

Waking up on christmas day after a heavy night out with one shoe a christmas hat and a boulder in my bed.

Best edit you’ve seen this year? (see left)

Plans/goals for 2012:

Keep riding and ride as many spots as i can...

Photo: WIll Peters

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