Lewis Richards

To me riders who can do a few tricks stretched to their limit will always be more exciting to watch than those who have a large trick bag just for the sake of it; Lewis Richards is testament to this.

His talent and positive attitude was recognised last year by the UK distribution company Slam69 who gave him a place on their Dartmoor team.

Watch out for Lewis at a 4x race or set of trails near you.

Background: Hello, I have been biking for ages, it's been incredible and I'm definitely still learning! I love trails, jumps and sometimes some skatepark. I also enjoy riding 4x (but only for fun). I rode BMX for a few years but came back to 26's because I guess it's my riding roots. I try to be nice to everyone, I don't drink or smoke ever. I love Honda, Japan and snowboarding.

Age: 24.

Living in: Leckhampton, Cheltenham.

Occupation: Assistant Manager of an on-line organic food store.

Years riding: 9 and a half.

Sponsors: www.slam69.co.uk.

Style or tricks? I prefer to see someone ride with style but I also love to see big tricks too. Stylish tricks, the best of both worlds... .

Music: Hip-hop / Rap.

Favourite riding spot: Redhill, K-Hole, Sandbay, Woburn, 4a.

Favourite rider(s): Tom Gethin, Rob Newman, Olly Wilkins, Cullis, Div, Matt Jones, there are so many others that are my favourites...

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Be happy and have fun on bikes, treat others how you would like to be treated.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I once swallowed a Creme Egg whole. :S

2011 highlight(s): K-Hole Jam, getting fun jumps at Redhill, Redfest,

Firsts of 2012

Ride (date): 01/01/2012

Ride (spot): Sandbay

People you rode with: Stephen Betts, and the locals.

Trick: 1-legger.

Case: Probably the first jump in the main line as Sandbay!

Overshoot/flat-landing: See below.

Slam: 360 on the last at Sandbay, totally 450'd to flat

Injury/wound: Injury free in 2012 as of yet, dislocated my shoulder in 2010, hurt more than any bones I've broken. Top tip: Don't do that!

Bike fail/break: Nothing yet, got a pretty solid set up.

New trick/line: Probably the Sacktap™, one of my signature tricks lol.

Thing that scared you: The top line at Woburn!

Funny moment: Any day of snowboarding in Tignes was full of funny times.

Best edit you’ve seen this year (see left)

Plans/goals for 2012: I would really like to learn to back flip this year, just so I know I've done it. I also want to ride the biggest line at K-Hole because it's frightened me to look at every time I've been there!

Shout outs to: My family for supporting my riding, Tom Gethin for everything, Redhill Family (even Morgan Hampton), everyone who's given me a lift to places so my car stays clean. Graham and co at Slam69 for all their help over the years and keeping my bikes running smooth. Pete Newman/Chris Ratford for taking pictures of me biking. Neil Griffin for the haven that is Redhill. Cara Murray. All the Sandbay, Woburn and K-Hole locals for putting up with me and to you for reading this. x

Photo: James Barker

Photo: Pete Newman

Photo: Declan Le Page

Photo: Chris Ratford

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