The first memory I have of Josh Kew is at Flowerpot skatepark around the year 2005. He was going for a ridiculous gap in the street section from the pyramid onto the two foot wide grind block 10 to 15 feet away. It doesn’t sound like much but for anyone who hasn’t been to this park the fact that no one else has even attempted this gap puts it into perspective. What made this memorable wasn’t the lunacy of it, but the hits he took. On his first run he didn’t make the gap, and landed chest first into the block. This would have put most riders out, but not Josh. He proceeded to try the gap a few more times, landing horrifically on each one before deciding it was best left in peace. I have no idea how he rode away afterwards. 

Josh isn’t crazy, he just likes to ride on the edge, but his riding level is so high that the edge borders on insanity at times. The Boarding House rider was on the Nike 6.0 Flow team, but had to leave it behind after being plagued by re-occurring ankle injuries. He has since toned down his riding, but as an observer you couldn’t tell. A picture can tell a thousand words, so I’ll let these recent photos do the rest of the talking.

Full interview coming soon. Here’s an introduction to Exeter’s most respected BMX rider:

Background: Went to school, did average, played a lot of sport, discovered BMX, stuck with that.

Age: 26

Living in: Exeter

Occupation: Floor Layer and Founder of Madtouch

Years riding: 10

Sponsors: B-house

Style or tricks? A mixture of both.

Music: Anything with has a good beat but I have a strong passion for hip hop.

Favourite riding spot: If I could choose anywhere it would be Glasgow as the scene up there is so chilled and the spots/parks are amazing! But locally Flowerpot skatepark as it’s my local park. Lots of people hate it as it doesn’t have the best transitions/ledges/rails etc but it’s your local that matters as it’s where everyone meets up and rides together. That’s what matters to me.

Favourite rider(s): I wouldn't say I have ever had a favourite rider. I don't like to single people out as there are too many good riders so I like to watch everyone and get influence from everywhere. If I had to pick though it would include Chris Doyle and Mike Aitken from the old days, but I am currently enjoying watching Kriss Kyle and Drew Bezanson, but as I said there are to many sick riders doing there thing!

Favourite quote/advice/motto: Someone once told me "if you don't grind then you won’t shine". Most people I have said this to take it too literally and think it’s about doing grinds when really it’s a metaphor that if you don't put work in you won’t succeed.

Interesting fact about yourself/the world: I can run a train on a multi pack of Mars bars for just shy of two minutes!

2011 highlight(s): Being on my bike and enjoying everything about it.


Ride (date):

january the 2nd.

Ride (spot):

Flowerpot skatepark.

People you rode with:

The local riders!


I don’t know what my actual first trick was but the first new trick I learnt was a superman seat grab wallplant. I saw Drew (Bezanson) do one in his Joyride 150 edit and I thought it looked amazing!


The other night I pulled back too much on a step-up and went straight up landing clean in a rock'n'roll stall... Great!


I guess you have just read my birth certificate as these are my middle names! whhheeey lol


slamming is part of BMX, so I tend not to dwell on them, just move on and try, try again.


A few small cuts and bruises nothing major.

Bike fail/break:


New trick/line:

Superman Seatgrab Wallplant, or Toothhang to over.

Thing that scared you:

Landing a 360 way too nosed down and just holding on for dear life! It was scary but so fun!

Funny moment:

Every time I’m riding I will always have a good laugh!

Best edit you’ve seen this year:

Kriss Kyle the con welcome edit (see left).

Plans/goals for 2012:

Too many to list but generally, ride more, surf more, draw, design and illustrate more. Just step everything up!

The Boarding house. I’m going to rep them till the end! I have so much love for those guys.

Josh is currently collecting clips for a new feature edit, so for now here he is with getabmx resident Jamie Skinner and Harry Mills-Wakeley, previously interviewed.

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